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Getting started

This guide is intended for users who will be using the Pronamic Pay plugin for the first time. Pronamic Pay (formerly Pronamic iDEAL) is the bridge between e-commerce plugins and payment providers. So before you start configuration, some preparation is required:

  1. A supported e-commerce plugin must be active in WordPress. Examples of commonly used plugins are WooCommerce (webshops), Gravity Forms (order forms, registration forms, etc.) or Event Espresso (participant registration for events). Check out the full list of plugins we support.
  2. A payment provider handles the actual processing of payment transactions. We are not a payment provider, so you need to set up an account with a payment provider or bank (Chamber of Commerce registration required). We support the most popular payment providers and banks. The Pronamic Pay plugin makes the link between the chosen payment provider and the e-commerce plugin.

Once the above items are taken care of, you are ready to use the Pronamic Pay plugin. We have made the plugin so user-friendly. After going through a few steps, you can receive payments through WordPress.

Installing the Pronamic Pay plugin

Install the Pronamic Pay plugin in 5 steps.

  1. Order the plugin

    Order the plugin on Pronamic.shop, the website where Pronamic sells its digital products.

  2. Install plugin

    You will receive an email with a ZIP file of the plugin and the corresponding licence key. Install the plugin by uploading the ZIP file via the Plugins page in the WordPress dashboard and then activate the plugin.

  3. Enter licence key

    Enter the licence key via Pay » Settings » Support licence key.

  4. Create payment configuration

    Create a new configuration via Payments » Configurations » Add new. The settings depend on the chosen payment provider. Follow the manuals of the most popular payment providers to use the correct settings.

  5. Linking plugins

    After the configuration has been created, Pronamic Pay must be set as a payment method in the e-commerce plugin using this configuration. The way to create this link depends on which plugin you use. Follow the manuals for the plugins we support.

Create configuration for payment provider

Linking to WordPress e-commerce plugins

Recurring payments

The plugin provides support for automatic recurring payments for some payment providers and plugins. Refer to ‘Recurring payments with Pronamic Pay‘ for more information on recurring payment options.