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Mollie for Gravity Forms

Connect to Gravity Forms met Pronamic Pay. Pronamic Pay is the most comprehensive payment solution for WordPress.

  • Easy installation
  • Support for 15+ payment methods
  • Download for free from the WordPress plugin directory

A solid and reliable payment solution for Gravity Forms

Let your customers pay with all popular payment methods. Connect Mollie to Gravity Forms with this free plugin.

Terugkerende betalingen met Gravity Forms

Recurring payments

Use one-off or direct debit with Mollie Recurring. Ideal for making recurring payments.

Uitgestelde meldingen en acties met Gravity Forms

Delayed notifications & actions

Apply notifications or actions only when a payment is actually received.

Conditionele logica met Gravity Forms

Conditional logic

Initiate payments only if a form submission meets a certain condition.

Status pagina's screenshot

Status pages

Give visitors feedback on payment status with payment status pages that can be generated automatically.

Discover the plugin with our getting started video

Discover the power of the Mollie for Gravity Forms plugin at a glance.

Available payment methods

Let customers pay with all popular payment methods. Choose the payment methods with which a visitor can pay. With Pronamic Pay you have full control over the payment methods you want to offer.

In addition, you choose how the payment methods are displayed on the website. For example, add a select field or rather choose a list with the logos of available payment methods.


Recurring payments with Mollie Recurring

Let your customers pay automatically with Mollie Recurring. This is an ideal solution for companies that want to charge monthly or annual subscription fees, for example.

Decide how often you want to collect. The first payment serves as authorisation for direct debit. By creating a Gravity Forms payment feed, you can specify when and how much can be collected.

Recurring payments with Pronamic Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to link Gravity Forms to Mollie?

With our plugin, linking is done in 2 steps. Create a configuration and link this configuration to your Gravity Forms forms. The configuration only takes 5 minutes of your time.

What does it cost to make payments via Mollie and Gravity Forms?

Our plugin is free. The only thing you pay are the license costs for Gravity Forms and the rates charged by Mollie. In this way you can already sell products in an affordable way with Gravity Forms.

Can I also use Mollie Recurring?

You certainly can. Our plugin offers full support for Mollie Recurring. In this way you can create subscriptions and have customers pay automatically at periodic moments.

Can I view payments received through Mollie in Gravity Forms?

We provide insight into all payments made with our plugin. This provides insight into all incorrect, canceled and successful payments.

Why should I use this Mollie for Gravity Forms plugin instead of the official add-on?

First of all, the plugin is developed and maintained by the WordPress experts at Pronamic. Secondly, Pronamic’s plugin offers support for recurring payments, which the official add-on does not support. Finally, the plugin is free to use, making it a more affordable solution compared to the official add-on.

Connect Mollie to Gravity Forms

Need help connecting Mollie to Gravity Forms? Take a look at our manuals. There we explain in a simple way how to connect Pronamic Pay to WordPress.