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With support for 11 WordPress plugins, Pronamic Pay is the most complete payment solution for WordPress.

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About MultiSafepay

The Pronamic Pay plugin contains the payment methods of MultiSafepay for a large number of WordPress plugins.

The payment provider MultiSafepay offers more than 18 payment methods for website owners worldwide. From Creditcard, Bancontact and Bank Transfer payments. MultiSafepay offers it with one contract. Pronamic Pay makes it possible to use MultiSafepay payment methods for WordPress. This makes it very easy to connect MultiSafepay to WooCommerce, Gravity Forms or another supported plugin.

With the Pronamic Pay plugin it is very easy to integrate the payment methods of MultiSafepay within a WordPress website. For example, do you sell products via WooCommerce, or do you want to receive donations with a form? With the Pronamic Pay plugin it is easy to link it to MultiSafepay.

Payment methods from MultiSafepay

MultiSafepay currently offers a large number of payment methods that can all be integrated within your WordPress website. For example, Creditcard, Bancontact and Bank Transfer are supported.

With the Pronamic Pay plugin, all these payment methods become available within your WordPress website.

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Pronamic Pay is the #1 payment solution for WordPress. Within 5 minutes you are up and running and you can process payments via WordPress.

Rates from MultiSafepay

MultiSafepay uses separate rates for each payment method. A fixed amount per transaction applies to iDEAL.

The rate depends on the amount of transactions you process per month. If you want to know which rates are used for you, go to the MultiSafepay site and request them right away.

MultiSafepay for WooCommerce

As a Payment Service Provider, MultiSafepay offers various payment methods in the Netherlands and abroad. A total of more than 18 payment methods are supported. From iDEAL, Maestro and Direct Debit to SOFORT Banking (widely used in, among others Germany), Bancontact (widely used in Belgium) and credit card and PayPal payments.

The largest webshop solution for WordPress is WooCommerce, with more than 3 million websites using it. With the Pronamic Pay plugin it is now possible to add the MultiSafepay payment method to a WooCommerce webshop. This possibility arises because payment providers offer MultiSafepay as a payment method. The Pronamic Pay takes care of the communication between the payment provider and the webshop. All information required for the payment overview from the webshop is sent to the payment provider. With the ultimate result that postpay in WooCommerce via MultiSafepay is possible.

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What others say about the MultiSafepay connection

Geweldig product en support

Ik ben echt tevreden over de kwaliteit van het product. Ook biedt Pronamic ondersteuning van zeer hoge kwaliteit.

Geweldige plugin, eenvoudig in gebruik en goede support

De support was erg behulpzaam en de plugin is erg solide. Ik raad deze plugin aan als je op zoek bent naar een betrouwbare plugin.

Connect MultiSafepay to WordPress

Need help connecting MultiSafepay to WordPress? Bekijk onze handleidingen. View our guides. We explain in a simple way how to link Pronamic Pay with MultiSafepay. In addition, our expert support team is always there for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which WordPress plugins can I use with MultiSafepay?

We currently support11 plugins including Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress.

What are the costs if I choose Pronamic Pay?

For Pronamic Pay you pay an annual license. The payment providers charge their own rates. Usually you pay per transaction there. You also have to purchase a subscription with certain payment providers.

In which countries is MultiSafepay available?

If you are a merchant located in one of the following countries, you can register with MultiSafepay:

Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.