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How to connect MultiSafepay to WordPress with Pronamic Pay

In this manual you can read how to create a link between MultiSafepay and your WooCommerce WordPress store.

Please note: We assume a working configuration for a payment provider exists already in WordPress. See the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual first, if there is no configuration yet at Pay » Configurations.

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If you haven’t yet created an account with MultiSafepay, make sure you create one first. You can then use the guide below to link MultiSafepay to WordPress.

Connect MultiSafepay with Pronamic Pay

Step-by-step guide to connect Mollie with the Pronamic Pay plugin.

  1. Install Pronamic Pay

    Install the Pronamic Pay plugin by following the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual. After activating the plugin you are able to create a configuration for MultiSafepay.Install-Pronamic-Pay

  2. Create your MultiSafepay configuration

    Navigate to WordPress admin » Pay » Configurations and create a new configuration. Give your configuration a title like “MultiSafepay”.

  3. Select MultiSafepay as the payment provider

    Select “MultiSafepay – Connect” from the drop-down list at the field with payment providers.
    By default, Test mode is selected. To be able to fully test the configuration, we recommend that you first keep the test mode active.

  4. Enter your MultiSafepay credentials

    For the configuration of the MultiSafepay – Connect variant, the following data must be entered:

    – Account ID
    – Site ID
    – Site Security Code

    This information can be found in the MultiSafepay dashboard under Settings » Websites.

    – Test dashboard » https://testmerchant.multisafepay.com/
    – Live dashboard » https://merchant.multisafepay.com/
    Test MultiSafepay configuration

  5. Publish and test your configuration

    You can now save the configuration and easily test it via the Test box under the configuration data. After entering a test amount (e.g. €10) and clicking the Test button, a (test) payment will be initiated and you will be redirected to MultiSafepay if everything went well.
    Test payment via MultiSafepay

  6. Set your configuration mode to ‘Live’

    Set the mode of your configuration to ‘Live’ and save the updates. You can now accept live payments via MultiSafepay.

  7. Use MultiSafepay in a supported e-commerce plugin

    Congratulations, your configuration is successfully setup! You now can connect the configuration with a supported e-commerce plugin. For example, you can Connect Pronamic Pay to WooCommerce or check the Getting Started manual for instructions on connecting the configuration to other WordPress e-commerce plugins.