Rabo Smart Pay for WooCommerce

Link to WooCommerce with Pronamic Pay. Pronamic Pay is the most comprehensive payment solution for WordPress.

Configuration is a piece of cake. Within a few steps, you’ll be up and running and receiving payments via . For , we support 3 payment methods such as PayPal, Mastercard and iDEAL. Don’t wait any longer. Start making Rabo OnlineKassa payments for WooCommerce via today.

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Payment methods

offers a wide range of payment methods as Rabo OnlineKassa, all of which can be integrated within your WooCommerce webshop. For example, PayPal, Mastercard and iDEAL are supported.

With the Pronamic Pay plugin, all these payment methods become available within your WooCommerce website.

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Support for 11 other WordPress plugins

Do you want to link to another WordPress plugin? That too is possible. In fact, in addition to WooCommerce, we support even more WordPress plugins. We link to 11 other WordPress plugins including WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.