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How to connect Pronamic Pay to Contact Form 7

In this manual we describe how to connect the Pronamic Pay plugin with Contact Form 7. We assume that a working configuration for the payment provider has already been created in WordPress. Please first read Pronamic Pay – Getting Started if no configuration has been created yet.

Do you already have a Basic license? By logging in your account overview on pronamic.shop you can download the Contact Form 7 Add-on.

Set up Contact Form 7 payment form

Time needed: 20 minutes

Follow the steps below to create a payment form in Contact Form 7.

  1. Create a new Contact Form 7 form

    Go to ‘Contact’ in your WordPress dashboard and create a new form.

  2. Add form fields

    Add the form fields that are important for your form, such as name and address and contact details.

  3. Create a price field

    Add a field that formats the payment amount. This can be a text, number, dropdown, checkbox, or radio button type field. Fill in the values of the field with the price or price options to be charged. Add the field to your form.

  4. Enter the new price field pronamic_pay_amount option

    Within the field created in the previous step, add the option pronamic_pay_amount please. See also example 1 below this step list.

  5. Add the tag pronamic_pay_method please

    At the end of the form, above the submit field, add the pronamic_pay_method tag. Use the ‘payment method’ tag button above the form. You can also select which payment methods may be used on the form. If no payment methods are selected, all available payment methods will be available. See also example 2 below this step list.

  6. Optionally add the tag pronamic_pay_issuer please

    Above the submit field, add the pronamic_pay_issuer tag if you use the iDEAL payment method. Use the ‘bank list’ tag button above the form for this. This tag shows — if supported by the payment provider — a list of banks for payment via iDEAL. See also example 3 below this step list.

  7. Save the form

    Save the form, copy the shortcode generated at the top of the page and add it to the page where you want to display the form.

Use of default payment gateway

After completing and sending the form, the user is automatically forwarded to the bank’s payment environment. The standard payment gateway is automatically used, as set at WordPress admin » Payment » Settings.

Example tags

Example tag 1: price field with options

The amount of an option can be indicated by using a vertical bar in the name|value notation.Amount [radio radio-582 pronamic_pay_amount use_label_element free_text default:1 “Pay €10|10” “Pay €20|20” “Pay €50|50” “Other”]

Example tag 2: payment methods picklist

Choose a payment method [pronamic_pay_method method]

Example tag 3: selection list with iDEAL banks

Thanks to Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields plugin it is possible to show fields only if a certain condition is met on the form. This is useful, for example, to only display a bank list for iDEAL if the payment method iDEAL has been selected in the payment method field. By the [group group-name] … [/group] tag to place a field, a condition can be set for displaying the field via the ‘Conditional fields’ tab in the form editor.

[group pronamic_pay_issuer] [/group]

Select it within the ‘Conditional fields’ tab pronamic_pay_issuer field, as a method this field must be equal to the value ideal.

Additional tag options

There are some additional options for tags to forward more information in a payment request. By inserting these options, the relevant data will be sent and saved. On the basis of this data, all payments can later be better administratively processed and traced back to a relevant user.

  • pronamic_pay_amount
  • pronamic_pay_description
  • pronamic_pay_email
  • pronamic_pay_issuer
  • pronamic_pay_method

Name and address details

  • pronamic_pay_first_name
  • pronamic_pay_last_name
  • pronamic_pay_address_line_1
  • pronamic_pay_address_line_2
  • pronamic_pay_address_city
  • pronamic_pay_address_region
  • pronamic_pay_address_postal_code
  • pronamic_pay_address_country_code
  • pronamic_pay_address_company_name
  • pronamic_pay_address_coc_number

Billing information

  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_line_1
  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_line_2
  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_city
  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_region
  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_postal_code
  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_country_code
  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_company_name
  • pronamic_pay_billing_address_coc_number

Shipping information

  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_line_1
  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_line_2
  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_city
  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_region
  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_postal_code
  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_country_code
  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_company_name
  • pronamic_pay_shipping_address_coc_number

Note: it pronamic_pay_address_* field is used for both billing and shipping addresses, unless further specified with pronamic_pay_billing_address_* and pronamic_pay_shipping_address_*.

Postpone email notifications

Postponing the e-mail notifications after successfully processing a payment is not possible.