PayoCity payment plugin alternative

To receive payments, you can use PayoCity (formerly iDEAL Checkout). PayoCity has developed some WordPress plugins that you can use to link to WooCommerce or another e-commerce plugin. In this article, we explain exactly what PayoCity does and why the Pronamic Pay plugin is an excellent alternative.

What is PayoCity?

PayoCity (formerly known as iDEAL Checkout) is a service of CodeBrain BV. Among other things, they develop payment and postcode plugins for various platforms. They offer plugins for Joomla, Magento, Drupal and WordPress, among others. For the latter, they specifically have solutions for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. There are also solutions for WP e-commerce, Jigoshop, e-shop and Marketpress. However, these plugins are no longer offered.

The PayoCity solutions support multiple payment providers. Rabo Smart Pay, ING Bank, Sisow (now part of Buckaroo), Targetpay, Cashflows, Online payment platform and Paycheckout are supported. You need to install a separate plugin for each solution.

WordPress specialist

Although PayoCity offers plugins for WordPress, they develop software for multiple platforms. Although the Rabo Smart Pay for WooCommerce can be installed as a plugin, other plugins need to be manually downloaded and put on your website’s server via FTP to install. After that, you need to follow installation instructions to get the plugin working.

The Pronamic Pay plugin has been developed by Pronamic, WordPress specialists for more than 15 years. We have therefore developed the Pronamic Pay plugin with WordPress standards in mind. In terms of code, the plugin also fully complies with the WordPress Coding Standards. This guarantees you a user-friendly and high-quality plugin.

Partner with payment providers

Besides specialising entirely in WordPress, Pronamic also has an excellent relationship with most payment providers. From several parties, such as Mollie and Rabobank, Pronamic is an official ‘integration partner’. These parties therefore recommend the Pronamic Pay solution to integrate with the various WordPress plugins that are supported.

Starten with Pronamic Pay

If you want to start receiving payments, choose the Pronamic Pay plugin. The most complete payment solution for WordPress interfaces with 15 payment providers and 11 WordPress plugins.

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