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With support for 11 WordPress plugins, Pronamic Pay is the most complete payment solution for WordPress.

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About Rabobank

The Pronamic Pay plugin contains the payment methods of Rabo Smart Pay for a large number of WordPress plugins.

Rabobank is one of the Dutch banks responsible for the development of the iDEAL payment method. Nowadays, Rabobank offers two more connections to receive online payments. Rabo Smart Pay connection (the new name of Rabobank OmniKassa) and iDEAL Professional. The Pronamic Pay plugin makes both connections available for WordPress and plugins like WooCommerce and Gravity Forms.

Payment methods from Rabobank

Rabobank currently offers a large number of payment methods that can all be integrated within your WordPress website. For example, are supported.

With the Pronamic Pay plugin, all these payment methods become available within your WordPress website.

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Pronamic Pay is the #1 payment solution for WordPress. Within 5 minutes you are up and running and you can process payments via WordPress.

Rates from Rabobank

The costs for Rabo Smart Pay and iDEAL Professional differ considerably from each other.

It comes down to Rabobank is the most economical choice. The fixed monthly costs are lower. The transaction costs are also the same or lower (from 251 transactions per month). To make a complete comparison for both connections, you can visit the Rabobank website.

Rabo OmniKassa

Since October 2022, the Rabo OmniKassa has been renamed Rabo Smart Pay.

Since the introduction of Rabo OmniKassa, a lot has changed in the field of online payments. So the name no longer fully covered the load. For example, numerous new smart payment solutions have been introduced Rabobank. Hence the new name Rabo Smart Pay.

Other than that, nothing will change (for now). Pronamic Pay now supports Rabo Smart Pay for WordPress instead of Rabo OmniKassa for WordPress.

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What others say about the Rabobank connection

Great product and support

I am really satisfied with the quality of the product. Pronamic also offers very high quality support.

Great plugin, easy to use and good support

The support was very helpful and the plugin is very solid. I recommend this plugin if you are looking for a reliable plugin.

Connect Rabobank to WordPress

Need help connecting Rabobank to WordPress? View our guides. We explain in a simple way how to connect Pronamic Pay with Rabobank. In addition, our expert support team is always there for you.

Frequently asked questions

Welke WordPress plugins kan ik met Rabobank koppelen?

We ondersteunen op dit moment 11 plugins waaronder WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.

Wat zijn de kosten als ik kies voor Pronamic Pay?

Voor Pronamic Pay betaal je een jaarlicentie. De betaalproviders rekenen hun eigen tarieven. Meestal betaal je daar per transactie. Bij bepaalde betaalproviders moet je daarnaast een abonnement afnemen.

Is Rabo Smart Pay hetzelfde als Rabobank Omnikassa?

Ja, Rabo Smart Pay is de nieuwe naam voor Rabobank Omnikassa. De online betalingen van Rabobank OmniKassa worden binnen Rabo Smart Pay nu aangeboden onder de naam ‘OnlineKassa’.