Pronamic Pay-ondersteuning voor Event Espresso 3 verwijderd

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In Pronamic Pay version 8 we have removed support for Event Espresso 3, of course Event Espresso 4 is still supported. On February 10, 2014, almost 8 years ago, the first version of Event Espresso 4 was announced. After that, it was soon announced that Event Espresso 3 would no longer be developed. Now that we are almost 8 years later, we have decided to no longer support the outdated Event Espresso 3 version. The integration has therefore been permanently removed in Pronamic Pay version 8. If you still use Event Espresso 3, now is the time to switch to Event Espresso 4.

Please note that no future development (except for bugs and unreleased features) will be done to Event Espresso 3. However, support for Event Espresso 3 will be an ongoing effort until we feel Event Espresso 4 feature development has outpaced Event Espresso 3. At that time (~2 years) we will begin phasing out support for Event Espresso 3 and focusing our support and development efforts solely on Event Espresso 4.

July 3, 2014 – Event Espresso