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How to configure Apple Pay for Adyen

An additional configuration is required to offer the payment method Apple Pay in combination with Adyen as a payment provider. Check out the extra steps you need to go through below.

Please note: we assume that the configuration for Adyen has already been created. If not, check out the manual How to connect Adyen to WordPress with Pronamic Pay.

Apple Pay instellen

Time needed: 25 minutes

A step-by-step guide to setting up Apple Pay for Adyen.

  1. Log in with your Apple Developer account

    Navigate to https://developers.apple.com and log in with your Apple Developer account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one first. To set up Apple Pay, an Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program membership is required.

  2. Create Apple Pay merchant identifier

    Create a merchant identifier according to the instructions from Apple making sure that the selected identifier name should start with merchant.com.adyen (for example merchant.com.adyen.merchantAccount — where you merchantAccount replaced by your Adyen merchant account).

    After creating the merchant identifier, send it together with the Adyen web service username (ws@Company.[YourCompanyAccount] or see Account » Users in the Adyen dashboard) to [email protected].

  3. Enter the Apple Pay Merchant ID

    Fill in the tab Advanced of the Adyen configuration in WordPress enter the merchant identifier in the field Apple Pay Merchant ID.

  4. Activate Apple Pay permissions

    Return to the section Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles in the Apple Developer account. Choose the identifier you created in step 2. Edit the identifier and activate all permissions related to Apple Pay.

  5. Create Apple Pay payment processing certificate

    In response to the email to Adyen, you will receive a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Use this to create a payment processing certificate based on the instructions from Apple.

    After creating the payment processing certificate, send it by e-mail to [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation once the certificate has been activated.

  6. Register domain with Apple

    Follow the instructions from Apple to register and validate a merchant domain.

  7. Create Apple Pay merchant identity certificate

    Follow the instructions from Apple to create a merchant identity certificate, including the step to create a certificate signing request. The CSR previously received from Adyen cannot be used in this step.

  8. Upload Apple Pay Merchant Identity Certificate

    You need to import the certificate from the previous step (.cer file) into the Keychain Access app (‘Keychain Access’). Then click My certificates in the Category box and locate the Apple Pay Merchant Identity certificate for the merchant identifier. Select the certificate and then from the Archive menu select ‘ Export Parts… to export the certificate and private key as a .p12 file.

    When exporting, a password is requested to secure the export with. It is important to enter any password here and also enter it in the Apple Pay Merchant Identity private key password field in the Adyen configuration. Without setting a password, not all the required data will be exported.

    Upload the .p12 file in the Adyen configuration at the Apple Pay Merchant Identity Certificate field. Click the Update button to save the settings. When saving the settings, the Apple Pay Merchant Identity Private Key field will automatically populate using the data from the uploaded file.

  9. The payment method is set

    Apple Pay is now ready to use and can be offered on your website.