How does Pronamic Pay work?

Pronamic Pay links your favorite payment provider to no less than 11 WordPress plugins.

What do you need?

We will explain it to you in a few steps.

Payment provider subscription

A payment provider takes care of the payment traffic between you and your end user. An indispensable component in the coupling.

WordPress plugin

With an e-commerce, forms or membership plugin you can make customers pay for a product or service.

License Pronamic Pay

Pronamic Pay establishes the technical link between a payment provider and WordPress. This is where the magic happens.

Up and running within 5 minutes

Connect your favorite payment provider to WordPress with the #1 payment solution for WordPress.

Choose a payment provider

There are dozens payment providers. Choose one of the payment providers we support.

Install the Pronamic Pay plugin

Buy a license and install the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Create a new configuration

Create a connection with the payment provider by creating a new configuration. View our manuals.

We support 11 WordPress plugins. Simply connect the payment configuration to one of these plugins.


That was all. You’re ready to handle payments through your payment provider of choice!