Fundraising add-on for Pronamic Pay

The Fundraising Add-on for Pronamic Pay makes it possible to add donation and crowdfunding campaigns to your WordPress website. The add-on offers some Gutenberg blocks, which make it possible to provide insight into the results of a campaign. With every payment for a campaign, the result is automatically updated.

Please note: The Fundraising Add-on is available with a valid Pro or Developer license.

Crowdfunding & Donations with WordPress

When you organize a crowdfunding campaign with WordPress, you can use the Pronamic Pay plugin together with the Fundraising Add-on. With the Pronamic Pay plugin you can set up payment options to receive money. Simply connect your WordPress website with one of the 14 supported ones payment providers. The Fundraising Add-on makes it possible to display the crowdfunding information for your ‘backers’.

Gutenberg blocks

The main feature of the Fundraising Add-on is the Gutenberg blocks, which are included. There are three types of blocks: Circle block, Progress bar block and a Simple summary block. All blocks are fully customizable from text to styling via the block settings.

Circle block

The Circle block is the most complete block of the three. It shows the goal of the campaign, the amount already raised and the number of donations for the campaign.

In addition to this information, the progress of the campaign is also shown in a circular progress bar.

Fundraising Cirkel blok

Progress bar block

This block shows a horizontal campaign progress bar. Below the bar, the amount already raised is shown on the left with the target amount on the right.

Fundraising Voortgangsbalk blok

Simple summary block

The most straightforward block is the Simple Summary block. This shows the amount raised with the number of donations

Fundraising Eenvoudig samenvattingsblok

Supported plugins

The Fundraising Add-on supports the following WordPress plugins:


If you want to see the blocks in action you can use the demo environment visits. You can test the add-on and see it in action here. In this specific example we use the combination with Formidable Forms.


We have a manual for the Fundraising Add-on written. If you want to install the add-on, you can follow the instructions in the manual.