Recurring payments with Mollie and WordPress

Offering a subscription model with recurring payments can have a huge impact on your business. It is seen by many companies as an ideal solution to generate a constant income. Unfortunately, this is not possible for every entrepreneur, but if you sell online services or courses you can easily offer this within a subscription form. Payment provider Mollie makes it very easy to collect an amount periodically and automatically. In this article we discuss the options available to receive recurring payments with Mollie Recurring and WordPress.

Recurring payments with Pronamic Pay

Why offer subscriptions?

Receiving recurring revenue through subscription sales can be invaluable to businesses. Subscriptions provide a stable and predictable source of income, allowing you as a business owner to focus on expanding your customer base and improving your products or services. A subscription can be interesting for consumers because they do not have to worry about whether, for example, the coffee is still in stock or whether there are still sharp razor blades. With a decent subscription, these are automatically delivered periodically.

Who are recurring payments interesting for?

You see more and more entrepreneurs introducing a subscription model. Whether it is for coffee, razor blades, underpants or flowers. People can increasingly subscribe to the delivery of these types of products. Advisors or parties that offer courses are also increasingly doing so via a subscription model. Not only well-known parties such as HelloFresh, Bloomon or BOLDKING offer subscriptions. This can also be very interesting for smaller / less well-known companies. For example, think of:

  • Coaches: You are a specialist coach and periodically provide advice to your clients. You can offer a subscription so that the customer knows that you have time for them on a structural basis and you receive a recurring income.
  • Online marketer: You help customers improve their online presence on a monthly basis. You can do this on the basis of a monthly subscription that allows you to spend an x number of hours per month with this customer.
  • Technical support: You are the technical partner of companies and, for example, you take care of the technical maintenance of the website. You can offer this through a subscription. This subscription includes established agreements. This way, companies know exactly where they stand and you receive stable recurring income.
  • Shop with 'consumable' products: You have an (online) store and sell products that customers need periodically. You can offer a subscription that ensures that the customer automatically receives this product periodically.
  • News medium: You have a news website and want to give subscribers access to premium articles.

Non-profit organizations

Recurring payments can also be a very good source of income for non-profit organizations. Consider offering memberships. You offer an option that makes people really feel connected to an organization. They belong to a 'club' or 'group'. You can offer them exclusive information or organize meetings for your members. You can't imagine anything so crazy. From sports clubs to religious communities or foundations and charities...

Instead of offering memberships, you can also offer a donation option. You can choose between one-time donations and recurring donations. So that people can choose whether they want to support you for a certain period. Read about this too our article about receiving online donations.

Payment methods for recurring payments

The following payment methods support setting up recurring payments.

Recurring payments with WordPress plugins

To receive recurring payments with WordPress and Mollie, you can use a plugin. The Pronamic Pay plugin supports four plugins with which you can sell subscriptions. We discuss them one by one.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce allows all kinds of products to be sold. Both physical products to digital products. With the paid extension WooCommerce Subscriptions (at € 228.00 per year) you can create products with recurring payments. Which you can use to sell physical or virtual products or services. WooCommerce Subscriptions has extensive management options for the products. Consider, among others, the following:

  • Free trials so that customers can try your service or product before purchasing it.
  • Registration fee questions so that you receive a one-off extra amount upon registration.
  • Variable subscriptions where customers can, for example, indicate an interval for recurring payments
  • Of subscription management the webshop owner can manage the subscriptions in a clear overview.
  • Subscription account management gives customers the opportunity to manage their subscription themselves, such as pausing and canceling.
  • Synchronized payments is an option where you invoice all subscriptions at 1 specific time, for example once per calendar year, or on the first day of the calendar month.
  • Of upgrades/downgrades can be switched between different subscriptions. From small to larger, or vice versa…
  • Flexible product options provide the option to indicate what type of product it is, a physical, downloadable or virtual product.
  • Customers can multiple subscription products simultaneously purchase in one transaction.
  • Subscription discount coupons provide the opportunity to give a discount on periodic payments or registration fees.
  • Customer emails are automatically sent when a subscription is renewed, canceled or has expired.

WooCommerce Subscriptions is one of the most comprehensive and flexible options for receiving and managing recurring payments. If you also combine this with WooCommerce Memberships, you can also offer protected content on your website, purely aimed at members.

To receive recurring payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Mollie you can consult the following manual.


The MemberPress The name of the plugin says quite clearly what this plugin can best be used for. Namely setting up a website with member functionality. Visitors can register for a website and then gain access to protected content. This includes premium articles or taking an online course. MemberPress offers various options, such as:

  • Paywall
  • Online courses
  • Discount coupons
  • Community
  • Drip content
  • Subscription feature

To receive recurring payments via MemberPress and Mollie you can use the consult the following manual.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a self-proclaimed 'simple membership plugin' for WordPress. It offers various tools to manage a WordPress membership website. This includes, among other things: the following options are offered:

  • Simple membership and subscriptions
  • Easily set up a paywall
  • Discount codes and coupons
  • Periodic access to premium content
  • Powerful content protection

Consult following manual to receive recurring payments with Restrict Content Pro and Mollie.

Gravity Forms

Receiving recurring payments with Gravity Forms has a slightly different approach than the previously mentioned plugins. In this case, the subscriptions are started with a form. This form can be completely customized to your wishes. Because there is no extensive membership administration involved or content that needs to be protected, Gravity Forms is also ideal for receiving recurring donations. The subscriptions started with Gravity Forms can be managed in the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Receive recurring payments with Gravity Forms and Mollie? Please refer to the following manual.

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