Receive donations online

Receiving donations online has never been easier

Online giving is now a popular way to support charities and non-profit organizations. It gives donors an easy way to give money quickly and securely and makes it easier for organizations to receive and track donations. Do you want to receive donations with WordPress?

Why you want to receive donations as a foundation or charity

Foundations and charities want to receive online donations for various reasons. First, it provides an easy and secure way for donors to give. They don't have to be physically present or hand over cash. This makes it easier for organizations to receive donations from people wherever they are in the world.

Secondly, donating online offers the possibility to create targeted donation forms and to keep track of donor data. For example, organizations can see how much money has been donated and who has donated, making it easier to plan and evaluate campaigns.

Third, donating online can also help generate more donations as it is more accessible to people who prefer to pay digitally over traditional methods. By offering multiple payment methods, such as credit cards and e-wallets, organizations can attract a wider audience and raise more money for their causes.

In short, online donations provide charities and non-profit organizations with an easy, secure, and efficient way to receive and track donations. It can also help generate more donations and appeal to a wider audience.

Donate with WordPress

With WordPress and the Pronamic Pay plugin, foundations and charities can easily receive donations through their website. This plugin integrates seamlessly with popular form plugins such as Charitable, Give, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, and Contact Form 7.

Pronamic Pay also supports a wide variety of payment providers, including Mollie, Rabobank, Buckaroo and more. This means that organizations can choose which payment provider they want to use for receiving donations with WordPress.

Pronamic Pay also supports a large number of payment methods, including iDEAL, PayPal, credit card, and more. This means organizations can give donors the choice to pay using their preferred payment method, which can help generate more donations.

In addition, Pronamic Pay makes it easy to track and manage donations. Organizations can store transaction data and track campaign progress.

With Pronamic Pay, foundations and charities can take advantage of the benefits of online donations, such as convenience and security, while also having full control over the donation process and donor data. It offers a complete and flexible solution for accepting donations through WordPress, enabling organizations to receive more donations and reach their goals.

Popular WordPress donation plugins

Pronamic Pay integrates seamlessly with various donation plugins. Below we list the most popular.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms and Pronamic Pay are like two hands on one stomach. You can with Gravity Forms easily set up and manage donation forms. With Pronamic Pay you can just as easily add payment methods from the linked payment provider to the form.

More about donating with Gravity Forms

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

This free plugin is one of the most popular form plugins for WordPress. Of Contact Form 7 you can create forms, including donation forms. The Pronamic Pay allows you to easily adjust fields with 'tags' to amount and payment fields.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

The plugin Ninja Forms makes it possible to set up forms via drag and drop. To receive donations you must add a number field and with Pronamic Pay you can add a payment method and bank list field.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Of Formidable Forms can create advanced form, including payment forms. To create such a form you can add a number field and then add the payment method and bank list fields with Pronamic Pay.

Give donation plugin


The plugin Give is primarily focused on receiving donations and fundraising. It is a highly regarded donation plugin. With Pronamic Pay you extend this plugin with the support of 11 payment providers and their payment methods.



Also the Charitable plug-in focuses purely on fundraising and donations. It is a complete platform that allows you to manage entire campaigns. With Pronamic Pay you connect 11 extra payment providers and associated payment methods.