Mollie for WordPress

With Pronamic Pay you connect Mollie to WordPress. Pronamic Pay is the most complete payment solution for WordPress.

You can integrate the most commonly used payment methods from Mollie into your website in no time at all. And that for various plugins such as Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress. We offer support for no less than 11 plugins.

  • Manage multiple configurations from the dashboard
  • Excellent support
  • Rated with a 9.3
  • By WordPress experts with high quality requirements
  • Support for 11 WordPress plugins
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Pronamic is Mollie's technical partner.

Mollie integration for the most popular WordPress plugins

The Pronamic Pay plugin integrates Mollie with WordPress. For example, you can easily link all Mollie payment methods to your WooCommerce webshop. Several other popular WordPress plugins such as Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress are supported.

Mollie payment methods

Mollie's payment system offers a powerful and reliable payment platform for your WordPress website. With Mollie you have access to various payment methods that can be linked to your website. For example, you can receive Billie, Klarna and Przelewy24 payments with your WordPress online store.

When you have a WordPress webshop, all you need is an account with Mollie and the Pronamic Pay plugin. You can easily create a link with Mollie via a new payment configuration within our plugin.

Mollie currently supports many payment methods that can all be integrated within your WordPress website.

Start processing payments

Pronamic Pay is the #1 payment solution for WordPress. Within 5 minutes you are up and running and processing Mollie payments through WordPress.

Recurring Payments with Mollie

Mollie Recurring for WordPress

With Mollie Recurring you can receive recurring payments for, for example, subscriptions or donations.

Use Pronamic Pay to link Mollie Recurring with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Mollie for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most used WordPress plugin for realizing a webshop. Immediately market share of more than 37% WooCommerce is by far the most used webshop solution.

With the Pronamic Pay plugin you can easily offer local and international payment methods with Mollie for WooCommerce.

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Mollie pricing

You do not need to take out a paid subscription to use Mollie.

They charge transaction costs every time a payment is processed. An up-to-date overview of the transaction costs can be found on the Mollie's website. You can easily Sign Up.


49 / year

  • Use on one domain/website
  • 11 WordPress plugins
  • 15 payment providers
  • Free support & updates
  • 100+ payment methods


249 / year

  • Use on 20 domains/websites
  • 11 WordPress plugins
  • 15 payment providers
  • Free support & updates
  • 100+ payment methods
  • Adyen add-on
  • Fundraising add-on

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How to link Mollie to WordPress

With the Pronamic Pay plugin we have made it as easy as possible to link Mollie to WordPress. We have written a guide for this so that you can set this yourself. The manual describes step-by-step the actions you need to perform.

Reviews about the Mollie connection

Great product and support

I am really satisfied with the quality of the product. Pronamic also offers very high quality support.

Very good support

I reported a complex issue (with Ninja Forms) which they fixed. They kept me well informed of the progress. Thank you!

Fast support

They provide fast and accurate support.

Great plugin!

Very slick! Easy to install and the plugin is compatible with Adyen! The dashboard is great. I recommend this plugin!

Best support ever

Extensive help when I couldn't figure it out myself. The patience of the support is really special. The plugin itself is also a tour de force!


Highly recommended for anyone who wants to process payments with the providers that this plugin works with. The support is also top notch!

Great plugin, easy to use and good support

The support was very helpful and the plugin is very solid. I recommend this plugin if you are looking for a reliable plugin.

No. 1 for WooCommerce and great support!

Pronamic's solution is the only one with excellent customer support! Truly a professional solution and great customer service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which WordPress plugins can you link Mollie to?

We currently support 11 plugins. You can link Pronamic Pay to Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress.

How do I connect Mollie with WordPress?

To link Mollie to a WordPress website via Pronamic Pay you can use the manuals see.

Is Mollie Recurring supported?

Yes, the Pronamic Pay plugin offers support for Mollie Recurring. Recurring payments are offered in conjunction with various WordPress plugins.

Where is payment data stored?

The plugin ensures direct communication between the website and Mollie. The data that is stored is only available on our own website. There is no 'intermediate party' in between.

Are refunds supported?

Yes, the plugin supports refunds via Mollie. For WooCommerce you can indicate directly from an order whether you want to offer a refund. Refunds via Mollie and your WordPress website are also supported for Easy Digital Downloads and Gravity Forms, among others.

In which countries is Mollie active?

Companies located in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland or the United Kingdom can use Mollie's services.

Companies from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland can sign up with no minimum sales volume.

Companies from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have a minimum sales volume to use Mollie.