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With support for 11 WordPress plugins, Pronamic Pay is the most complete payment solution for WordPress.

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About Buckaroo

Buckaroo is a reliable payment provider from the Netherlands. Through Buckaroo you have one connection to multiple payment methods such as Credit Card, Bancontact and Bank Transfer. You also have access to an advanced reporting module, so you have a simple insight into all your payments.

With the help of the Pronamic Pay plugin you can easily offer different payment methods via Buckaroo within your WordPress website and/or webshop. This makes iDEAL via Buckaroo easy to use in combination with a number of popular WordPress plugins.

Payment methods from Buckaroo

Buckaroo currently offers a large number of payment methods that can all be integrated within your WordPress website. For example, Credit Card, Bancontact and Bank Transfer are supported.

With the Pronamic Pay plugin, all these payment methods become available within your WordPress website.

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Pronamic Pay is the #1 payment solution for WordPress. Within 5 minutes you are up and running and you can process payments via WordPress.

Rates from Buckaroo

Buckaroo is a widely used provider of online payment solutions, offering a range of payment methods for web shops and online services. The pricing is flexible and offers different options depending on the payment method chosen and the number of transactions.

Buckaroo for WooCommerce

If you already work with a WordPress webshop such as WooCommerce, you only need to request a Buckaroo account and install the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Then create a new configuration and enter the Buckaroo website and secret key. When the configuration has been created, you can link Buckaroo to WooCommerce in the Payment settings of WooCommerce.

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What others say about the Buckaroo clutch

Great product and support

I am really satisfied with the quality of the product. Pronamic also offers very high quality support.

Great plugin, easy to use and good support

The support was very helpful and the plugin is very solid. I recommend this plugin if you are looking for a reliable plugin.

Buckaroo link to WordPress

Need help pairing Buckaroo to WordPress? View our guides. We explain in a simple way how to link Pronamic Pay with Buckaroo. In addition, our expert support team is always there for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which WordPress plugins can I use Buckaroo to link?

We currently support 11 plugins including Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress.

What are the costs if I choose Pronamic Pay?

For Pronamic Pay you pay an annual license. The payment providers charge their own rates. Usually you pay per transaction there. You also have to purchase a subscription with certain payment providers.

In which countries is Buckaroo active?

If you are a merchant based in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can register with Buckaroo.