Belfius for WordPress

There are hundreds of payment methods. One of which is Belfius. With Pronamic Pay you link a payment provider to WordPress. Pronamic Pay integrates all payment methods that the payment provider offers. The integration of Belfius is therefore a piece of cake.

We currently support 11 WordPress plugins including Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress.

Payment providers with Belfius support

Not all payment providers support Belfius. We are happy to help you along the way. View all payment providers with Belfius support.

Connect Belfius to the most popular WordPress plugins

Connect Belfius to no fewer than 11 WordPress plugins. Pronamic Pay supports Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress, among others.

About Pronamic Pay

Make Belfius payments possible with Pronamic Pay

With over 10,000+ downloads, Pronamic Pay is the most popular payment solution for WordPress. It links 15 payment providers to more than 11 different WordPress pugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which WordPress plugins can I use Belfius to link?

We currently support 11 plugins including Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress.

What are the costs if I choose Pronamic Pay?

For Pronamic Pay you pay an annual license. The payment providers charge their own rates. Usually you pay per transaction there. You also have to purchase a subscription with certain payment providers.