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Recurring Payments with Restrict Content Pro

This manual describes the use of recurring payments with Restrict Content Pro via the Pronamic Pay plugin. This assumes that a working payment provider configuration has been created in WordPress. Consult first Pronamic Pay – Getting Started if there is no configuration yet Payment » Configurations is made.

Requirements and Limitations

To be able to use recurring payments with Restrict Content Pro, the following things are important:

  • recurring payments are only possible with the payment provider Mollie;
  • starting a subscription is possible with the following payment methods:
    • Credit Card
    • Direct debit (authorization via Bancontact)
    • Direct debit (authorization via iDEAL)
    • Direct debit (authorization via Sofort)

When using the direct debit payment methods, the SEPA direct debit payment method must also be activated in the Mollie dashboard.

Create Restrict Content Pro subscription

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard » Restrict access » Subscription levels;
  2. create a new subscription with associated name and description;
  3. set an access level for the subscription if desired;
  4. enter the field 'Expensive' the expiration time of the subscription;
  5. specify the price for the subscription;
  6. give the subscription the status 'Active', only active subscriptions are available visitors;
  7. select the desired user role that the visitor is assigned after entering into a subscription;
  8. add the subscription by saving the settings.

The new subscription is now visible within the Restrict Content Pro registration form. For instructions on activating payment methods, see the manual Connect Pronamic Pay to Restrict Content Pro.

Please note: if the Mollie configuration is set to 'Test' mode, subsequent payments for the “Incasso (authorization via …)” payment methods will never receive the status 'Completed' and will always remain on 'Pending'. For testing, we therefore recommend using the credit card payment method.

Trial period

To be able to make recurring payments, a first payment are performed for a membership. In order to offer a free trial for a membership, it is therefore necessary that at least € 0.01 as Registration fee is set. That amount is immediately settled for new memberships. Without a registration fee, recurring payments cannot be made in combination with a free trial.

View subscriptions and payments

All subscriptions created via our plugin can be consulted via WordPress dashboard » Payment » Subscriptions. All payments – including follow-up payments – can be consulted via WordPress dashboard » Payment » Payments and have an extra icon in that overview if they are related to a subscription:

  • blue repeat icon on first payments initiated by users;
  • gray repeat icon for subsequent payments that have been created automatically.

When viewing a subscription, all payments made for that specific subscription are also shown. In the event of any problems with a payment, the payment can be viewed and is displayed in the box 'log' may provide an explanation for the status of the payment.