Manuals Recurring payments with Pronamic Pay

Recurring payments with Pronamic Pay

The subscription economy is a new trend in online payment, whereby products and services are increasingly delivered on a subscription basis. The Pronamic Pay plugin supports automatic recurring payments. The customer can use one first payment authorized to follow-up payments collected automatically via SEPA direct debit or credit card.

Recurring payment support will be added to the Pronamic Pay plugin per payment providers and WordPress e-commerce plugin. It is therefore not just possible to receive recurring payments with all payment providers and e-commerce plugins.

Payment providers for recurring payments

Recurring payments via the Pronamic Pay plugin are possible with these payment providers:

Payments are initiated once an hour from the website using the WordPress cron (a list of tasks that WordPress runs in the background whenever a page is visited). Subscriptions are not scheduled with the payment provider and you will therefore not see them there; the initiated follow-up payments can be viewed in the dashboard of the payment provider.

WordPress plugins for recurring payments

Recurring payments via the Pronamic Pay plugin are possible with these WordPress e-commerce plugins:

Set up recurring payments

Consult a guide for all information on how to set up recurring payments with the desired plugin:

View subscriptions and payments

All subscriptions created via our plugin can be consulted via WordPress dashboard » Payment » Subscriptions. All payments – including follow-up payments – can be consulted via WordPress dashboard » Payment » Payments and have an extra icon in that overview if they are related to a subscription:

  • on first payments initiated by users;
  • for follow-up payments that are automatically created.

When viewing a subscription, all payments made for that specific subscription are also shown. In the event of any problems with a payment, the payment can be viewed and is 'Log' may provide an explanation for the status of the payment.