Manuals iDEAL and SSL certificates

iDEAL and SSL certificates

To use some iDEAL variants, it is necessary to generate your own private key and certificate. The Pronamic iDEAL plugin is equipped with a generator with which this can be easily achieved. Unfortunately, this generator does not work in all hosting environments, so this page contains a short manual on how to generate these via the terminal.

Install OpenSSL Light

Download, extract it and install the program OpenSSL Light.exe.

Generate a private key and certificate

Start OpenSSL (installation directory/bin/openssl.exe) and then run the following two commands:

To generate a private key file, run the following command:

genrsa -des3 -out file name.key -passout pass:password 1024

In the command, replace “password” with a self-chosen password. Keep this password safe, it is needed within the Pronamic iDEAL configuration and when generating a certificate.

To generate a private certificate file, run the following command:

req -x509 -new -key file name.key -pass pass:password -days 3650 -out file name.cer

Replace “password” with the previously chosen password in this command as well.

A few questions are now asked in the terminal window, the following answer must be given at the “Common Name”:

iDEAL variantCommon Name
ABN Amro – iDEAL Integrated”ideal_Company Name (maximum 25 characters)

The generated private key file (file name.key) and private certificate file (file name.cer) can then both be found in the installation folder.

Configure certificates for iDEAL

Upload the files file name.key and file name.cer to the Pronamic iDEAL configuration. Also enter the used password within the Pronamic iDEAL configuration.

If you have access to an iDEAL subscription with ABN AMRO, Rabobank or ING Bank, upload your file name.cer via iDEAL Dashboard (on both the TEST and LIVE dashboard).

If the iDEAL configuration fails, you can also outsource the configuration, generation of SSL certificates and activation to Pronamic.