Manuals Plugins Charitable How do you link Pronamic Pay to Charitable?

How do you link Pronamic Pay to Charitable?

In this manual we describe the connection of the Pronamic Pay plugin with Charitable.

Please note: We assume a working configuration for a payment provider exists already in WordPress. See the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual first, if there is no configuration yet at Pay » Configurations.

Link Charitable Payment Gateway

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Charitable » Settings » Payment Gateways.
  2. Activate the desired payment method by clicking the Enable Gateway to click.
  3. Press the button Gateway Settings to be in the field Gateway Label enter a name with which the payment method will be displayed at checkout.
  4. Choose at Configuration for one (via WordPress dashboard » Payment » Configurations) previously created configuration for your payment provider.
  5. Top up Transaction description a description for the payment. the tag {donation_id} can be used to include the unique number of a donation in the description.

In the overview of payment gateways you will also find a payment method called pronamic, this payment method gives correct no payment method when starting the payment. With most payment providers, however, the visitor will then be able to choose from all payment methods available for the account with the payment provider in an intermediate screen.

Available payment gateways
Set up payment gateway iDEAL