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How to connect Pronamic Pay with Gravity Forms

This manual describes how to link Gravity Forms to the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Please note: We assume a working configuration for a payment provider exists already in WordPress. See the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual first, if there is no configuration yet at Pay » Configurations.

Gravity Forms form requirements

To set up a link with iDEAL must a Gravity Forms form contain one or more product fields. These fields can be found in the 'Price fields' section of the form editor and will eventually transfer the final amount to iDEAL.

Bank list

The field Bank list in the section Payment fields when editing a form, it allows customers to choose their own bank directly from the form. Adding this field will skip the payment provider payment screen at checkout. With the following payment providers, the field not being used:

  • ABN AMRO – iDEAL Easy
  • ABN AMRO – iDEAL Only Checkout
  • ABN AMRO – Internet checkout
  • Deutsche Bank – iDEAL via Ogone
  • EMS eCommerce
  • ING – iDEAL Basic
  • Ingenico (Ogone) – DirectLink
  • Ingenico (Ogone) – eCommerce
  • Rabobank OmniKassa

Add Gravity Forms payment feed

In order to be able to pay for form submissions via a created configuration, a so-called payment feed to be created in the settings of the form. Follow the next steps to create the payment feed:

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard » Forms » [Choose form] » Settings » Payment;
  2. Press the button 'Add new' to add a new payment feed;
  3. Select at the field 'Configuration' the desired configuration;
  4. Optionally set an entry ID prefix, for example 2 or 3 letters;
  5. Enter a transaction description, for example 'Submission {entry_id}‘;
  6. Select on the tab Status pages the desired status pages, which are the pages to which the visitor will return after a completed or failed payment. Through WordPress dashboard » Payment » Settings these pages can also be easily generated, in which case they do not have to be set up again in the payment feed.

Additional options

Several additional options are available in the payment feed settings.

  • Tab 'General' » Deferred notifications
    Possibility to send Gravity Forms e-mail notifications (notifications) only when a payment has actually been received. This can also be set in recent versions of Gravity Forms via the 'Event' field when editing a notification instead of in the payment feed. The next events can be chosen when editing a message:
    • Payment completed
    • Payment failed
    • Payment pending
  • Tab 'General' » Deferred actions
    When fields from the 'Message fields' section are used on the form, this option can be used to choose to publish the message only when a payment has actually been received. If other supported Gravity Forms extensions are active, other actions will also be shown here that can be postponed.
  • 'Subscription' tab
    It is possible to automatically receive recurring payments, through a 'subscription' that is created in the Pronamic Pay plugin for a form submission. Consult the manual Gravity Forms recurring payments for more information on how to use this functionality.
  • Tab 'Fields'
    Values from the form submission can be forwarded to the payment provider using this selection. This only applies to the payment provider Ingenico (formerly Ogone).
  • Tab 'Advanced' » Condition
    Possibility to start a payment via the payment feed only if the form submission meets the condition.
  • Tab 'Advanced' » Update user role
    Update the user role after completing a successful payment. The user must be logged in or registered while completing the form. There must be radio buttons within the form that indicate the value of the roles. The default WordPress user roles are as follows:


If one of the Gravity Forms extensions below is active, additional options will appear.