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How to connect Pronamic Pay to Formidable Forms

In this manual we describe how to link Formidable Forms to the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Please note: We assume a working configuration for a payment provider exists already in WordPress. See the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual first, if there is no configuration yet at Pay » Configurations.

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Connect Formidable Forms to Pronamic Pay

Time needed: 10 minutes

A step-by-step guide to adding payment methods to a Formidable Forms (Lite) form.

  1. Login to your WordPress website

    Once you are logged in, you will arrive at the 'WordPress Dashboard'.

  2. Create a new form

    Navigate to the entry Formidable and create a new blank form. Give the new form a title.

  3. Add fields to the form

    Set up the form by selecting the fields you want to add to the form. Also add a number field to the form and give it a name, for example: 'Amount'.

  4. Add the 'Payment methods' field

    Also add the 'Payment Methods' field to the form. By editing the field you can exclude payment methods that you don't want to show on the form. Optionally, you can also add the 'Banks' field to your form.

  5. Add Pronamic Pay as an action to the form

    Navigate to Settings (at the top of the page), then click Actions & Notifications. Click the action Pronamic Pay at. At the options 'Amount' and 'Payment method', select the 'Amount' and 'Payment method' fields from the form (created in steps 3 and 4).

  6. Enter a transaction description

    Enter a transaction description if desired. You can use the shortcodes of Formidable Forms for this.

  7. Postpone sending email notifications

    Optionally, you can delay sending email notifications until payment is complete. To do this, you can check the option 'Defer sending email notifications until payment has been received.'

  8. Save the form

    Finally, save the form by clicking on the blue 'Update' button.

  9. Test the form

    The link with Formidable Forms and Pronamic Pay is now active. View the form and check whether the payment process is correct.

Formidable Forms Pro and iDEAL

Creating a payment form from Formidable Forms Pro is almost the same as the step-by-step plan above. Thanks to the advanced field options that Formidable Forms Pro introduces, you can provide various payment options. With the help of a drop-down list you can present the customer with different options. This by specifying a price value for each option. This price value is then transferred to the chosen payment option, for example iDEAL.

Formidable Forms demo

Do you want to see how the combination of Formidable Forms and Pronamic Pay works? We have set up a website with a number of examples. Within this demo website we use the Mollie payment simulator.