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How to connect Pay. to WordPress with Pronamic Pay

Time needed: 15 minutes

To connect the Pronamic Pay plugin with Pay. you can follow the steps in this manual.

  1. Install Pronamic Pay

    Install the Pronamic Pay plugin by following the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual. After activating the plugin you are able to create a configuration for Mollie.

  2. Add new configuration for Pay.

    Go to WordPress admin » Pay » Configurations and click the button at the top of the page Add new. Give the configuration a name, for example “Pay.”.

  3. Choose Pay. as a payment provider

    Select “Pay.” from the drop-down list next to the field Payment provider.

  4. Enter the Pay. API token

    The Pay. API token can be found in the Pay. admin panel in the column Token on the page API Tokens.

  5. Enter the Pay. Service ID

    Pay's Service ID. find you in Pay. admin panel on the page Sales locations in the column Code. If there is no sales location yet, add it first via Add.

  6. Publish your configuration

    After filling in the API key you have to save the configuration via the button Publish, to be able to test it in the next step.

  7. Test the configuration

    Through the frame Test the configuration can be tested. Choose a payment method, enter an amount and click the button Test to initiate a payment. Depending on or in the Pay admin panel. test mode is enabled for the retail location, a test payment or real payment is initiated. You will be redirected to complete the payment.

    If no payment method has been selected yet, a transfer will take place to a Pay selection screen. with all payment methods used for the account at Pay. are activated.

  8. Use Pay. in a supported e-commerce plugin

    Congratulations, your configuration is successfully setup! You now can connect the configuration with a supported e-commerce plugin. For example, you can Connect Pronamic Pay to WooCommerce or check the Getting Started manual for instructions on connecting the configuration to other WordPress e-commerce plugins.