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How to connect MultiSafepay to WordPress with Pronamic Pay

In this manual you can read how to create a link between MultiSafepay and your WooCommerce WordPress store.

Please note: We assume a working configuration for a payment provider exists already in WordPress. See the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual first, if there is no configuration yet at Pay » Configurations.

Install Pronamic Pay plugin

In the WordPress dashboard you can use Plugins » New plugin simply install and activate the Pronamic iDEAL plugin.

Add Pronamic Pay configuration

After the Pronamic iDEAL plugin has been activated, via Payment » Configurations a new iDEAL configuration can be added.

For the configuration of the MultiSafepay – Connect variant, the following data must be entered:

  • Account ID
  • Site ID
  • Site Security Code

This information can be found in the MultiSafepay dashboard under Settings » Websites.

Testing Pronamic Pay configuration

After the iDEAL configuration has been published, it can easily be tested via the framework Test under the configuration data. After entering a test amount (for example € 10) and clicking on the button TestA (test) payment will be started and you will be referred to MultiSafepay if everything went well.