Manuals Payment providers ING How to connect ING iDEAL Basic to WordPress with Pronamic Pay

How to connect ING iDEAL Basic to WordPress with Pronamic Pay

To connect the Pronamic Pay plugin to the ING – iDEAL Basic variant, you need to go through the following steps:

Please note: It is important that you first sign the contract with the ING bank has been completed prior to configuration.

Set up iDEAL Test environment

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Install the Pronamic Pay plugin

    Install and activate the Pronamic Pay plugin (refer to the Getting Started manual for instructions);

  2. Create a configuration

    Then go to in the menu Payment » Configurations. Click the button at the top Add new. Give the configuration a name (for example 'iDEAL Basic (test)').

  3. Choose a payment provider

    Choose at Payment provider for the option 'ING – iDEAL Basic'. Choose at mode for 'Test'. Top up Retailer ID enter the acceptor ID that you received from ING Bank.

  4. Login to iDEAL dashboard

    Login to the ING Bank Test iDEAL Dashboard ( Go to Login process and then choose the tab Configuration. Select at parameters the 'XML' option.

  5. Notification URL

    Paste Notification URL the XML Notification URL as stated in the tab Transaction feedback of the iDEAL configuration in the WordPress dashboard. choose now Initiate upload. Bee Certificate upload successful a green check mark will appear. Copy the listed Secret key. Paste the Secret key in the iDEAL configuration in the field hash key on the 'ING' tab.

  6. Save the configuration

    Choose Publish, the configuration is now saved.

The configuration is now saved, but in order to use it a number of mandatory tests must be performed.

  1. A frame will appear at the bottom of the page Test;
  2. go through the various tests by always filling in the stated amount and on Test to click;
  3. check the tests on the tab Status in the Test – iDEAL Dashboard from ING Bank;
  4. if all tests have been successfully completed, the test configuration has been successfully set.

ING Bank will activate the iDEAL connection within 2 working days. You will receive an e-mail message as soon as the connection has been activated. As soon as you have received that message, create a new configuration for the live iDEAL Dashboard.

Set up iDEAL Live environment

  • Follow the steps as described above;
  • give the configuration a name (for example: 'iDEAL Basic (live)');
  • log in to iDEAL Dashboard:;
  • if all steps have been completed successfully, the iDEAL configuration is set.