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How to connect Buckaroo to WordPress with Pronamic Pay

To connect the Pronamic Pay plugin with Buckaroo, you need to go through the following steps:

Before you start: It is important that before you start the configuration, the contract with Buckaroo is fully agreed. If you don't have an account yet, register with Buckaroo.

What you need

  • Working account at Buckaroo;
  • Pronamic Pay plug-in;
  • WordPress plugin to link with;

This manual assumes that you are logged in to the Buckaroo Payment Plaza.

Set up Pronamic Pay configuration

  1. Install and activate Pronamic Pay

    In the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins. Choose New plugin. Search for “Pronamic Pay” and choose Install now. After the plugin is installed, choose Activate.

  2. Create a new configuration

    Then go to in the menu Payment » Configurations. Select at the top Add new. Give the configuration a name, for example Buckaroo.

  3. Choose payment provider

    Choose at Payment provider for “Buckaroo” to make payments in live mode, or “Buckaroo – Test” for a configuration in test mode.

  4. Enter the Website key on

    Enter the Website key on, as stated in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza at My Buckaroo » Websites » Tab 'General' » Key.

  5. Enter the Secret key on

    Enter the Secret key on, as stated in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza at Configuration » Secret key for digital signature.

  6. Set up feedback

    Buckaroo can send a signal to the website as soon as the status of a payment changes, for example if a payment has been successfully completed. Pronamic Pay can then process that signal. For this purpose, from the configuration, the URL that is specified at 'Feedback' tab » Push URL to be copied to the Buckaroo Payment Plaza for both Push URI Success if Push URI Failure. These settings can be found at My Buckaroo » Websites » Tab 'Push settings'.

  7. Publish configuration

    Select in the configuration Publish.

Now that the configuration has been set, it must be tested. Fill in the frame Test enter an amount of, for example, € 10 and choose Test. If you are redirected to the Buckaroo payment environment, the configuration has been successfully set.

Configuring Buckaroo in WordPress

Connect Buckaroo with WooCommerce

Now that the configuration has been created, Buckaroo can be linked to, for example, a WooCommerce webshop. Please refer to the “Connect Pronamic Pay to WooCommerce" instructions. Or consult the Pronamic Pay – Getting Started manual to link the configuration with other plugins.