Manuals Payment providers ABN AMRO How do you link ABN AMRO – iDEAL Easy to WordPress with Pronamic Pay?

How do you link ABN AMRO – iDEAL Easy to WordPress with Pronamic Pay?

In this manual you can read how to make a link between the iDEAL Easy of the ABN AMRO and your WooCommerce WordPress store.

We assume that you have already fully set up the WooCommerce webshop plugin and that other payment methods such as bank transfer and PayPal already work correctly.

Install Pronamic Pay plugin

Via the WordPress dashboard you can via Plugins » New plugin simply install and activate the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Install Pronamic Pay plugin

Add Pronamic Pay configuration

After the Pronamic iDEAL plugin has been activated, via Payment » Configurations a new iDEAL configuration can be added.

ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy test mode for payment configuration

For the configuration of the ABN AMRO – iDEAL Easy variant, only the PSPID needs to be entered. Make sure you enter the PSPID and not a merchant ID, there can sometimes be confusion between the two.

Testing Pronamic Pay configuration

After the iDEAL configuration has been published, it can easily be tested via the framework Test, under the configuration data. After entering a test amount (for example €10) and clicking on the button Test a (test) payment will be started and you will be referred to your iDEAL provider.

iDEAL Easy payment configuration in Pronamic Pay
iDEAL payment testing

In this guide we will use the ABN AMRO – iDEAL Easy test configuration data (use as PSPID TESTiDEALEASY), with which you as a user can simulate a payment status yourself:

iDEAL simulator
Payment confirmation from iDEAL easy

When choosing the payment status “SUCCESS”, the payment status in WordPress will also be updated to 'Success'. This can be found in the WordPress dashboard under Payment » Payments.

Payments via iDEAL Easy

WooCommerce enable iDEAL payment method

As soon as the iDEAL configuration has been configured correctly, via WooCommerce » Settings » Checkout » iDEAL the WooCommerce iDEAL payment method must be enabled.

WooCommerce set up iDEAL payments

It is important here that in the field Configuration the newly created ABN Amro – iDEAL Easy configuration is selected.

Common mistakes

WooCommerce order and checkout

After the WooCommerce iDEAL payment method has been activated, a test order can be placed and settled with iDEAL.

Checkout with iDEAL in WooCommerce
Shopping cart in WooCommerce
iDEAL payment method in WooCommerce checkout

After clicking the Place an order button, the order will already be added to the WooCommerce orders overview. The order will currently have the status 'Pending', because the iDEAL payment is still awaited.

Checkout in WooCommerce
Payment confirmation via iDEAL Easy
iDEAL Simulator from iDEAL Easy

 Successful payment

Successful payment with iDEAL Easy
Confirmation of order in WooCommerce
Orders in WordPress Admin
View order in WooCommerce Admin

Upon successful payment, the order status will automatically change to 'Pending' and an email will be sent to both customer and seller.

Confirmation email for an order in WooCommerce
New customer order email from WooCommerce.

Payment error

An iDEAL payment can also go wrong and that can easily be simulated with the ABN AMRO – iDEAL Easy simulator.

Payment error

In that case, the order will keep the status 'pending' and the customer can try again via the 'My account' page to pay for the order.

Account overview in WooCommerce webshop