Manuals Payment providers Rabobank How do I renew the Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 web keys?

How do I renew the Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 web keys?

Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 works with web keys to sign and validate the messages that are communicated back and forth between your WordPress website and the Rabobank OmniKassa server. These web keys are valid until a certain date and must be renewed after expiry. Before the expiry date, Rabobank will send an e-mail notification with the request to create new web keys.

In this manual we explain how Pronamic Pay users should replace these new Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 web keys.

  1. Go to it Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 dashboard.
  2. In the dashboard, go to Management » Shops and points of sale
  3. Click on your unique store name and then on the relevant point of sale.
  4. At the bottom of this page are your existing web keys. Under the keys you will see the option 'Generate new', as soon as you click on this, your existing keys will be immediately renewed and extended. Click on generate new tokens.
  5. Copy the 'Refresh token' via the option 'Copy refresh token‘.
  6. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  7. Go to the overview of payment gateway configurations via Pay » Configurations.
  8. Open and edit the Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 payment configuration.
  9. Replace the existing 'Refresh token'.
  10. Go back to the Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 dashboard. Also copy the new 'Signing key' and replace it within your WordPress payment configuration.
  11. Save the payment gateway configuration in WordPress via the ' buttonUpdating‘.

The Rabobank OmniKassa 2.0 web keys have been renewed and the link within WordPress with Pronamic Pay has been updated.

Screenshot of Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 API keys page