Mollie for WooCommerce

Link Mollie to WooCommerce with Pronamic Pay. Pronamic Pay is the most comprehensive payment solution for WordPress.

The configuration is a piece of cake. Within a few steps you are up and running and you will receive payments via Mollie. For Mollie we support 6 payment methods including Klarna, Creditcard and SEPA Direct Debit. Do not wait any longer. Start with Mollie payments for WooCommerce today.

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Payment methods

Mollie is een betrouwbare WooCommerce betaalgateway en biedt een groot aantal betaalmethoden aan. Deze kun je allemaal binnen jouw WooCommerce webshop instellen. Zo worden o.a. Klarna, Creditcard and SEPA Direct Debit ondersteund.

Met de Pronamic Pay plugin worden al deze betaalmethoden beschikbaar om WooCommerce betalingen te ontvangen.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Mollie can receive recurring payments via Pronamic Pay with WooCommerce Subscriptions. Via WooCommerce Subscriptions and Mollie you can let your customers subscribe to your products and, for example, pay per week, month or year.

Together with WooCommerce Memberships you can offer memberships on your website, offering 'premium content' for members.

Recurring payments with Pronamic Pay

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Hoe je betalingen accepteert met Mollie en WooCommerce


49 / year

  • Use on one domain/website
  • 11 WordPress plugins
  • 15 payment providers
  • Free support & updates
  • 100+ payment methods


249 / year

  • Use on 20 domains/websites
  • 11 WordPress plugins
  • 15 payment providers
  • Free support & updates
  • 100+ payment methods
  • Adyen add-on
  • Fundraising add-on

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Support for 11 other WordPress plugins

Do you want to link Mollie to another WordPress plugin? That is also possible. In addition to WooCommerce, we support even more WordPress plugins. We link Mollie to 11 other WordPress plugins including Restrict Content Pro, Event Espresso and MemberPress.

Great product and support

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Very good support

I reported a complex issue (with Ninja Forms) which they fixed. They kept me well informed of the progress. Thank you!

Fast support

They provide fast and accurate support.

Great plugin!

Very slick! Easy to install and the plugin is compatible with Adyen! The dashboard is great. I recommend this plugin!

Best support ever

Extensive help when I couldn't figure it out myself. The patience of the support is really special. The plugin itself is also a tour de force!


Highly recommended for anyone who wants to process payments with the providers that this plugin works with. The support is also top notch!

Great plugin, easy to use and good support

The support was very helpful and the plugin is very solid. I recommend this plugin if you are looking for a reliable plugin.

No. 1 for WooCommerce and great support!

Pronamic's solution is the only one with excellent customer support! Truly a professional solution and great customer service!

How to link Mollie to WordPress

With the Pronamic Pay plugin we have made it as easy as possible to link Mollie to WordPress. We have written a guide for this so that you can set this yourself. The manual describes step-by-step the actions you need to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Mollie?

Mollie is one of the largest Dutch payment providers. Mollie is very popular with entrepreneurs because it is easy to create an account. Due to the many options for linking, such as with WooCommerce, it is also easy to receive payments via Mollie.

How can I connect Mollie to WooCommerce?

Je kunt zelf eenvoudig jouw account van Mollie koppelen aan WooCommerce. Voor de Pronamic Pay plugin en Mollie hebben wij hiervoor diverse handleidingen beschikbaar. Zowel een handleiding hoe je Mollie aan WordPress koppelt én hoe je Mollie vervolgens aan WooCommerce koppelt met de Pronamic pay plugin. In de basis heb je drie dingen nodig

1. Een account bij Mollie
2. WooCommerce plugin
3. Pronamic Pay plugin

Heb je deze? Volg dan onze manuals voor het zelf instellen van Mollie voor WooCommerce.

Are recurring payments supported?

Via the Pronamic Pay plugin you can receive recurring payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions. The plugin has a subscription functionality that makes it very possible to sell subscriptions via WooCommerce and Mollie, for example.

What are the costs for Mollie payments via WooCommerce?

Mollie rekent alleen kosten per transacties. De kosten per transactie kunnen per betaalmethode verschillen. Voor iDEAL, Bancontact en SEPA-incassso geldt een vast bedrag. Voor veel andere betaalmethoden, zoals creditcard, PayPal, Klarna e.d. worden een vast bedrag + percentage van te betalen bedrag gerekend. De exacte kosten voor jouw WooCommerce betalingsverwerking vind je op de Mollie's website.

Are Buy Now Pay Later payments supported?

Via onze Mollie-koppeling kun je o.a. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) betalingen ontvangen via In3 and Klarna.

Can I process refunds from WooCommerce

Yes, the plugin supports refunds via Mollie. Within WooCommerce you can indicate directly from an order whether you want to offer a refund. This will then be refunded to the customer via your Mollie account.

Why should I use Pronamic Pay to connect Mollie to WooCommerce?

Pronamic is official integration partner of Mollie listed under the heading webshops. Pronamic Pay has been supporting Mollie for WooCommerce since 2005. The Pronamic Pay plugin is appreciated for its simplicity, quality and very good support.

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