WordPress iDEAL plugin for ClassiPress

In Pronamic Pay version 5.9 support for ClassiPress has been removed.

Last week we expanded the Pronamic iDEAL plugin with experimental support for the ClassiPress theme. With the help of ClassiPress, WordPress can be used as an advertising platform so that visitors can place advertisements for free or for a fee. ClassiPress is standard equipped with the PayPal payment method, but iDEAL is of course preferred in the Netherlands. That is why ClassiPress users have been looking for a solution for a while and we have developed it.

WordPress iDEAL for ClassiPress

The developers of ClassiPress are also currently working on improving the payment method setup in their WordPress themes. In their blog post “Poll: Payment Gateways” can be read that they will set up the payment methods more abstractly so that they will also function for their other WordPress themes. In addition to the ClassiPress theme, they have also developed other WordPress themes in which payment methods are used:

  • JobRoller
    WordPress theme for setting up a vacancy website.
  • Clippers
    WordPress theme for setting up a coupons website.
  • vantage
    WordPress theme for setting up a business registry website.

We expect to further improve and expand the iDEAL payment method in the short term in collaboration with AppThemes and the ClassiPress community. Because AppThemes will set up their payment methods in a more abstract way, we expect that the Pronamic iDEAL payment method can soon be used for all AppThemes WordPress themes.