Pronamic Pay 8.4 + Adyen add-on update

On May 30, 2022, we launched Pronamic Pay 8.4. In this update you will find a major update for Adyen support (add-on). We now support the latest Adyen web drop-in implementation.

Pronamic Pay Adyen Add-On 4.0

At the request of Adyen users, the Pronamic Pay Adyen add-on is now using the Adyen web drop-in version v5.14.0 and Adyen Checkout API version v68. Adyen has made all kinds of improvements and fixes in these versions. Please note that after this update you have to migrate to a so-called 'client key'. For more information on this, see the Adyen documentation page “Migrate to client key“. The new “Client key” can easily be entered in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Set up new payment configuration for Adyen

Purchase Adyen Add-on

The Adyen Add-on is available within the Pro license of Pronamic Pay.

€ 99.00 per year

Currency on test payments

A currency can now be selected in the test meta box with a payment gateway configuration. In previous versions, a Euro (€) payment was always started as standard for test payments. However, many payment providers also support other currencies and it can be useful to be able to test that easily.

Set currency on test payments

Chargebacks / Refund

The Pronamic Pay library now has support for chargebacks / refunds. Within each payment we now have the option to keep track of the refunded amount. In front of Mollie this is now automatically updated as soon as Mollie calls the webhook after a chargeback. We will add support for other payment providers in the future. For the MemberPress integration, with a chargeback via Mollie, the underlying MemberPress transaction status is now automatically changed to 'Refunded'.

New logos

Recently, VISA and MultiSafePay have renewed their logos. We have now included these new logos in the latest version of our plugin.

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