Pronamic Pay 6.8 – Refunds, sometimes you need it

If you sell products via the internet, you have undoubtedly had to deal with it. Received a product return or a dissatisfied customer who wants his money back. After which you have to pay back the purchase. Now many betaalproviders offer an option to take care of this within the dashboard of the payment provider. Within Pronamic Pay, support for (partial) refunds has been improved.

Refunds with Mollie & Buckaroo

With the most recent version of Pronamic Pay it is possible to (partially) refund money within WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) & Gravity Forms.

Refunds with WooCommerce and EDD can be arranged from the PSP dashboard as well as from the WordPress Dashboard. For Gravity Forms, refunds are now fed back from the PSP to WordPress.

For this you have to use the betaalproviders Mollie or Buckaroo. For other betaalproviders this option is not available in the plugin. If you also want to use this functionality with another payment provider, please contact us.

Refunds in Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most used forms plugins in WordPress. In a little research that I recently posted on LinkedIn, 50% of the people indicated that they use this plugin. For Pronamic this is also the plugin to place forms on a website.

For Mollie & Buckaroo users we have now made it possible to link refunds back to Gravity Forms. Also unique is the possibility to make partial refunds in combination with Gravity Forms. If a refund is issued from the PSP, it will go back to WordPress.

Suppose you sell tickets for events using Gravity Forms. A customer buys tickets for 12 people at once. Later, however, it turns out that 2 people cannot. For this you neatly create a credit invoice and credit 2 tickets. From now on, this partial refund will also be neatly stated with the relevant Gravity Forms submission. The Gravity Forms submission will be given a "Partly Refunded" status. And the refund will also be processed in the Gravity Forms sales reports.

You can see a nice example of how this works in the following video:

DigiWallet support

Since 2018, TargetMedia has had the payment environment DigiWallet launched. This is the successor to TargetPay. We have now adapted our plugin to support this new link. The TargetPay integration also remains supported.

If you want to know what changes have been made, view the complete overview in the changelog.

Purchase or renew license

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