Pronamic Pay 6.3 – Contact Form 7

Version 6.3 of Pronamic Pay comes with a number of new features and minor maintenance updates. In this new version we introduce add-ons for the Basic license. First up is an add-on for Contact Form 7. In addition, it is now possible for subscriptions to change the account number or payment method used for recurring payments.

Contact Form 7 add-on

With over 5 million active installs, it is the most widely used forms plugin for WordPress, Contact Form 7. From now on it is also possible to receive payments via Pronamic Pay with this form plugin. For this we introduce the Contact Form 7 add-on. This is available within the Basic license of our plugin.

Building a form with payment fields is made possible by various [tag] in front of Contact Form 7 to add. With this, an amount field, payment method field and a bank list can be added. These communicate the necessary data via Pronamic Pay to the payment provider to process a payment.

If you want to know how to set up a payment form, read the manual to link Contact Form 7 with Pronamic Pay.

Adjust SEPA Direct Debit mandate

From version 6.3 it is possible to modify a bank account that is used for SEPA direct debits. It can happen that a user wants to have a direct debit through another bank account. The WordPress website administrator can now send a unique link to the user. The user can then issue a mandate for the new bank account by means of a verification payment.

Change mandate

Other updates

With the latest update, several smaller updates have been made to the plugin. These changes are stated in the changelog of the plugin.

Update or purchase

If you want to use the new link with Contact Form 7, then quickly update your plugin to version 6.3. With a valid license for Pronamic Pay you can download the Contact Form 7 add-on from the account page.