Pronamic Pay 6.2 – Fundraising Blocks

The latest version of Pronamic Pay introduces a whole new functionality, namely fundraising blocks. By using these blocks you can easily collect money for, for example, a charity or personal initiative.

We see it more and more often, the financing of a project or initiative is collected online. Large projects are quickly feasible with a targeted social campaign among friends, acquaintances and relations. Many small donations can quickly become a large amount in multiples.

Various WordPress themes and plugins have already been developed specifically for this purpose. But with the new Pronamic Pay fundraising add-on, a crowdfunding or donation initiative is also easy to work out within your existing website.

Support for various plugins

The new Gutenberg blocks of the fundraising add-on can be used in combination with a large number of popular WordPress plugins.

  • Our own Pronamic Pay forms.
  • Gravity Forms
  • Formidable Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Give
  • Charitable

Three Gutenberg blocks

The circular block

Within the circular block, all variables are visible. The percentage of the target amount achieved is summarized in a pie chart.

The following donation values are visible:

  • Target amount/target;
  • Number of donations;
  • Total raised.
Pronamic Pay crowdfund pie chart

The progress bar

This block shows a horizontal progress bar with the percentage of the target amount already achieved. Below is the amount already achieved and the target amount.

Pronamic Pay crowdfund progress bar

A simple block

The simple block, the name says it all, only shows the amount already achieved and the total number of donations.

Pronamic Pay crowdfund simple overview

Design and texts

The Gutenberg blocks are easy to change in color from within the WordPress editor. The texts and terms are also easy to adjust per block. The blocks are of course fully responsive.

Pronamic Pay Pro license

The new crowdfunding blocks are launched as an add-on within the Pronamic Pay Pro license. Do you already have a regular license and would you like to switch? You can easily upgrade your license via your account on

Curious what our fundraising blocks look like in real life? You can here a demo seeing our blocks in combination with Gravity Forms. Do you want to bet yourself? read here the manual.