Pronamic Pay 5.9 + Adyen addon update

On February 3, 2020, we launched Pronamic Pay 5.9. In this update you will find a major update for Adyen support (add-on). We now support the latest drop-in implementation. In addition, we will stop supporting some outdated plugins.

Adyen Drop-in implementation

In April 2019 we launched Pronamic Pay with add-on support. We came up with support for this Adyen via the Web SDK and the Adyen API. No new features have been added to the Web SDK for several months now. Instead, Adyen has the Drop-in implementation developed. Adyen itself says the following about Drop-in: “Drop-in is our all-in-one solution for accepting payments on your website with a single front-end implementation”.
It is the recommended method to integrate Adyen payment methods. Pronamic now brings this method to WordPress with the new version of Pronamic Pay and the Adyen add-on.

With this support, all payment methods who use the 'redirect' payment method will be added to the website. This makes it even more possible to offer international payment methods within WordPress.

Are you already using our add-on and would you like to use the Drop-in implementation? Then make sure you add the 'Origin key' to your payment configuration. Please read our manual for Adyen.

Google Analytics ecommerce filters

Pronamic Pay includes the option to use e-commerce tracking for Google Analytics. You do this by entering the Google Analytics Tracking ID on the Settings page of the plugin.

In this update we have added two filters that can be hooked into. This allows developers to influence the product name and category sent to Google Analytics for a payment.

Removed outdated integrations

The power of our plugin lies in the fact that we connect many payment providers with multiple WordPress extensions. In version 5.9 we removed integration with 10 outdated WordPress extensions. This concerns the following extensions:

  • Jigo shop
  • iThemesExchange
  • membership 2
  • Membership Premium
  • Shop
  • Crowdfunding by Astoundify
  • ClassiPress
  • JobRoller
  • vantage
  • Campaignify

If you use one of these WordPress solutions, we advise you to switch to another supported extension.

Update to Pronamic Pay 5.9

Do you want to use the latest Adyen implementation and the latest and most secure version of our plugin? Purchase a Pro license for Pronamic Pay or update the plugin to version 5.9 via the Plugins page in the WordPress admin.