Pronamic Pay 5.7 + Gutenberg payment form

Recently version 5.7 of the Pronamic Pay plugin released. Several optimizations have been launched with this update. For example, we have significantly improved the webhook integration and we are introducing, among other things, a payment form for the WordPress block editor.

Payment form block

WordPress' new blocks editor was introduced in early 2019. It is also known to many as the Gutenberg editor. Managing a page or message is done on the basis of blocks. With Pronamic Pay 5.7 we introduce our own block for payment forms! This allows a simple payment form to be added to the block editor without the need for additional plugins. This makes it very easy to add a donation form now.

Gutenberg Payment Form

Web hooks

Many betaalproviders offer the ability to communicate via webhooks. We've tweaked the webhooks feature to make it clear how it's used. For example, we now show when the last feedback took place via the webhook and also from which URL this took place.

If you have a staging environment with a link to the payment provider, a message will now be displayed that you must adjust the webhook for the live website.

Web hook example

More updates

In addition to the payment form and webhooks, many more improvements and updates have been made. If you want to see it, check the plugin's changelog.

Update the plugin on your website so that you use the most recent and complete Pronamic Pay plugin!