Pronamic Pay 5.5 – Postpay in WordPress

The recent update of the Pronamic Pay plugin to version 5.5 makes it possible to offer the payment method 'Postpay' within WordPress. The plugin makes it possible to integrate AfterPay within WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads webshops. In addition, the update of version 5.5 brings many small improvements for many payment providers and WordPress plugins.

AfterPay/Riverty and WooCommerce

The payment method 'postpay' has been developing in recent years. One of the providers for post-payment is Riverty (formerly AfterPay). They have set themselves the goal of making post-payment as simple as possible. As soon as a payment request is sent to AfterPay, you as a consumer will receive a payment overview by e-mail. The customer then has 14 days to pay. With the Pronamic Pay plugin, the AfterPay payment method can now be offered via a number of payment providers.

Payment providers with postpay

Postpay options are not available for all payment providers. The providers with AfterPay and supported by the Pronamic Pay plugin are currently the Rabo Smart Pay and payment providers Buckaroo and Pay. When you have activated the AfterPay payment method within the environment of the payment provider, you can also add it to WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Updates under the hood

To make it possible to pay afterwards, a lot of work has been done under the hood of the Pronamic Pay plugin. Because more information is needed to start a 'pay later' payment, we have rewritten the way payment data is stored. As a result, the WordPress database is less loaded and the Pronamic Pay plugin is ready for the future and larger websites. In addition to this change, these changes have also been implemented in the 'core' of Pronamic Pay.

  • Support for payment rules;
  • Support for customer data in payment data;
  • Support for payment and shipping address information;
  • Support for AfterPay & Capayable;
  • Support for WordPress 5.0 post types labels.
  • 50+ more changes

View all changes in the changelog.

Also offer payment afterwards in WordPress?

Do you also want to offer the option to pay afterwards within your WooCommerce webshop? Purchase the Pronamic Pay plugin. Configure the desired payment methods. Activate the payment methods within your webshop and you're done.

If you want to offer payment afterwards with another payment provider or WordPress plugin, feel free to do so contact us on.