Pronamic Pay 5.4: Payments via Ninja Forms

The Pronamic Pay plugin is one of a kind. As the only plugin, support is offered to as many payment providers and WordPress plugins as possible. The latest update to version 5.4 adds support for Ninja Forms! This popular forms plugin is free to download and has over 1 million active installations. Besides Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms, Ninja Forms is the third forms plugin supported by Pronamic Pay.

Use Ninja Forms for sales or donations

As of now, there are more than 15 payment providers and banks available within Ninja Forms. Like, among others Mollie, Buckaroo, MultiSafepay and Pay. Almost all payment methods that a payment provider offers are available within Ninja Forms.

The standard version of Ninja Forms is free to download from the plugin directory at More than 40 (paid) add-ons are offered for additional functionalities such as conditional logic, a link to the CRM system, Slack or HelpScout.

Selling a product or receiving a donation via Ninja Forms is now easy to realize. With the Pronamic Pay plugin is child's play to add a payment option to a form.

Pay and issuer fields

Two additional form fields become available with the integration of Ninja Forms and Pronamic Pay. These are the 'Payment Methods' and the 'Banks' fields. With the 'Payment methods' field, the visitor can choose which payment method they want to use to make a payment. These are displayed depending on the active payment methods at the payment provider. With the 'Banks' field, the visitor can immediately choose through which bank they want to pay if it concerns an iDEAL payment. The best thing is to only display this field if you have chosen the iDEAL payment method. For this, the Conditional Logic Addon required for Ninja Forms.

Minor updates

In addition to the new support for Ninja Forms, several smaller improvements have been made. This has improved support for Gravity Forms, MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro, among others.