Pronamic iDEAL v1.1 with SEPA support

Last week we released version 1.1 of the Pronamic iDEAL plug-in launched. This version supports the new iDEAL version 3.3.1 for one common payment market in Europe (SEPA). This new version is mainly important for users of the following iDEAL variants:

  • ABN AMRO – iDEAL DIY (without cash register)
  • Friesland Bank – iDEAL Business Plus
  • ING – iDEAL Advanced
  • Rabobank – iDEAL Professional

Users of these iDEAL variants must have switched to the new iDEAL version before 1 August 2013. Users who have taken out one of the above variants after 1 October 2012 already use iDEAL 3.3.1 by default.

If you have any questions about the new iDEAL version and what consequences it has for your website and/or webshop, please leave a comment.