Pronamic iDEAL 4.4 – Recurring Payments WordPress

We have been working hard in recent months on a new version of the Pronamic Pay plugin. In this latest version we have mainly focused on supporting recurring payments. This post summarizes the most important changes in Pronamic Pay 4.4.

Menu name and icon

Many users know that Pronamic Pay now supports more payment methods than just iDEAL. With this version we have therefore changed the name in the menu from “iDEAL” to “Payment”. The icon has been changed to the WordPress payment icon, instead of the iDEAL logo. The changes provide a cleaner menu and it is clearer that the plugin can no longer only be used for iDEAL payments.

Pronamic iDEAL WordPress admin menu and icon

Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments are now supported with the payment provider Mollie. Customers can issue an authorization (mandate) via a one-off iDEAL (or credit card) payment, which makes recurring payments possible. The WooCommerce Subscription plugin can then collect the required payment at the right time. Recurring payments can be recognized by the recurrence icon in the payment overview.

Pronamic iDEAL recurring payments


Subscriptions are now supported and have their own page in the dashboard to keep track of which subscriptions have been created and to view related payments and their status. The new 'Incasso (mandate via iDEAL)' and credit card payment methods can be used with WooCommerce Subscriptions to use automatic recurring payments for subscriptions.

Pronamic iDEAL subscriptions

Request payment status with Ingenico

The Pronamic iDEAL plugin processes payment status updates sent by the payment provider to your website. But we can also request the status automatically for you. Ingenico (formerly Ogone) has now been added to the list of payment providers that support this functionality (iDEAL Advanced/Professional, ING Kassa Compleet, Mollie,, Sisow and Targetpay). To use this, enter the Ingenico API user login details in your payment gateway configuration.

Check Pronamic iDEAL Ingenico payment status

Check status of outstanding payments

We put a lot of effort into technical improvements to process the automatic payment status updates as reliably as possible, but it can still happen that the payment status is on 'Pending' for a longer period of time. Supported payment providers now allow you to manually request payment status. The number of outstanding payments is indicated in the badge in the menu.

Check Pronamic iDEAL payment status

Renewed payment overview

The payment overview has been given a visual refresh. Most notable are the new status icons and updated standard columns to make the overview look cleaner and more user-friendly. Additional columns can be displayed by enabling them via “Screen Settings” in the top right corner of the page.

Pronamic iDEAL renewed payment overview

Upgrade to 4.4

The update to version 4.4 can be easily installed from the WordPress management environment. We do recommend making a backup of your WordPress installation beforehand. We are curious what you think of version 4.4, let us know in the comments.