Partnering with Mollie

Pronamic is a 'Gold' partner of Mollie. This means that we work intensively together to ensure that our Pronamic Pay products function as well as possible with the services of Mollie. One of the strongest points of the affiliate program is the reward that partners can receive for every successful transaction. In this article we explain why we think Mollie's partner program works well.

Partnership, what does this mean?

Mollie offers an affiliate program for two types of affiliates. For agencies and technical partners. Agencies can connect customers via their own dashboard or affiliate link. Technical partners can connect customers via their own technical connection. Partners are rewarded equally both times.

In both cases we can work closely with Mollie. This way you can get your own partner manager and regularly look at your business, evaluate it and discuss opportunities. Just like training material, input for possible interesting links/payment methods.

Partners are divided into four levels: Partner, Silver, Gold and Platinum level. The more merchants you connect and/or the higher the transaction volume you provide to Mollie as a partner, the higher you will be classified as a partner. A higher level provides more benefits, such as a higher commission, a personal partner manager and accelerated onboarding for customers.

Partners and the benefits for Mollie

Mollie's partner program works very well. This is reflected in the number of affiliated partners and developed integrations. In this way they make optimal use of the expertise of affiliated partners. There are partners for connections with Shopware, Lightspeed, Magento, booking and ticketing systems, among others. In this way, Pronamic is a WordPress expert partner at Mollie.

Because Mollie has many partners, they can offer a connection for many markets. This makes it just a small step to becoming a Mollie customer. In this way, Mollie not only benefits from the (technical) knowledge of partners, but these partners also ensure the introduction of new customers.


Mollie regularly organizes Developer Meet-ups for its affiliated partners. During these informal meet-ups, Mollie shares product updates and future plans, but also discusses interesting use cases that are of interest to partners. In addition, during these meet-ups we can connect informally with other Mollie partners and contacts. This way we can learn from each other and a community is created around Mollie, just as WordPress meet-ups and WordCamps contribute to the WordPress community.

The benefits as a (technical) partner

Mollie offers various advantages to technical partners, making it interesting for these parties to connect with them.

Receive kickback

Partners are rewarded with a commission for creating and maintaining the connection with Mollie. Many payment providers do offer commissions for partners who connect new merchants. In addition to this option, Mollie offers an equal commission to technical partners. They make no distinction between the type of partner. As a result, dozens of connections have been realized by partners.

The kickback you can receive depends on the level of the partnership. For example, you can receive 10%, 20% or a specifically agreed percentage commission on the transaction costs that Mollie charges.

Receiving a kickback on all transactions made via the Pronamic plugins is the main reason why they are made available for free to users. We now offer a free plugin for Mollie with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and (soon) Ninja Forms. Because plugins are made available for free, it is easier for (new) merchants to use Mollie. And win-win situation for Pronamic and Mollie.

Periodic consultations

Another advantage that we have as technical partners is that we regularly consult with a personal partner manager. Insights and plans are discussed here. This allows these to be coordinated where possible, allowing us to help users of our plugin optimize their payment processes.

In short, Mollie is a payment provider that communicates with its partners with an open attitude and rewards them in a transparent manner for their efforts. That's nice to work together.