OmniKassa plugin for WordPress online store

Today we updated the Pronamic iDEAL plugin with support for the new payment method OmniKassa of Rabobank. With the help of the Pronamic iDEAL plugin, you can now easily expand a WordPress online store with the OmniKassa payment method.

The Pronamic iDEAL plug-in can be downloaded and installed for free from the WordPress plugin directory. The OmniKassa payment method can then easily be configured and activated within a few minutes WordPress webshop solutions, such as:

Rabobank has made a test account available to test the OmniKassa payment method. In the Integration Guide for the Rabo Smart Pay (formerly OmniKassa) from Rabobank, it can be read that the following data can be used for this:

Retailer ID: 002020000000001
Sub ID: 1
Mode: Test
Hash key: 002020000000001_KEY1

If you need help configuring and activating OmniKassa in your WordPress online store or encounter any problems, please contact us we'd like to hear that.

Update August 2018: The above description is for the first version of Rabobank Omnikassa. Are you looking for a manual for linking Rabobank Smart Pay with WordPress? follow this step-by-step guide.