OmniKassa for WordPress

The turnover of the e-commerce market is still growing every year. The purchase and sale of products and services via the internet will also grow considerably in the coming years. For many entrepreneurs, a simple webshop without much fuss is more than enough to be able to sell online. Until recently, there was no good open-source alternative for Magento webshops. But that has changed in recent years with various plugins for WordPress. For example, WooCommerce, Shopp and JigoShop are some plugins with which professional webshops can be realized.

In the Netherlands, iDEAL is the most used online payment method, mainly due to the support of all major Dutch banks. Rabobank recently introduced the OmniKassa. “A flexible payment solution for you webshopRabobank said.

Rabo OmniKassa

In an earlier blog we wrote extensively about the Rabo OmniKassa, hence no extensive description but a short summary. With the launch of the OmniKassa, the iDEAL Lite variant of Rabobank (for new customers) will no longer be available. For this, Rabobank offers the option of paying via iDEAL, credit card, giro collection form, cash on delivery and direct debit in one! One contract for multiple payment options.

The launch of the OmniKassa and the cancellation of iDEAL Lite have created a problem for some entrepreneurs. They can no longer establish a link between their webshop and the iDEAL Lite variant. Fortunately, Pronamic will soon expand its iDEAL plugin with support for the Rabo Omnikassa. As soon as this update is available, we will post it on our website, Twitter and Facebook let them know.

Pronamic iDEAL plug-in

In September 2011 we launched our iDEAL plugin for WordPress with which you can easily establish a direct link between your webshop and your bank's iDEAL. The advantage of this is that no additional costs for service providers have to be paid. In addition to annual license fees, you only pay the transaction costs that your bank charges for this. The Pronamic iDEAL plugin for WordPress can now be used in combination with the following webshops:

Almost all major banks in the Netherlands are also supported by our plugin. If your bank is not listed yet and you want to use our iDEAL plugin, please contact us on.

NB: Since 2023, Rabobank Omnikassa has a new name, namely Rabo Smart Pay.