Higher PHP version required for Pronamic iDEAL

At Pronamic we find backward compatibility very important. The Pronamic iDEAL plugin therefore still functioned on the PHP version 5.2. While this PHP version was already labeled 'end of life' and is therefore no longer updated. There will also be no more security updates released for this version. That is why we now require a higher PHP version for the Pronamic iDEAL plugin.

Why are we increasing the required PHP version?

Dropping support for PHP 5.2 was not an easy decision. We considered this years ago, but have always postponed it until now. But we thought it was time to take this step for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Safety
  2. More efficient code
  3. Develop faster

Why now?

In recent years the use of older PHP versions such as 5.2 very often discussed by web developers. For example, Coen Jacobs wrote the “Time to update your PHP version” article in early 2015 and launched WPupdatePHP. Many hosting suppliers were still using outdated PHP versions. They have now woken up and all larger hosting suppliers are more aware of the need to keep their software up to date. It is also stated on the WordPress.org requirements page advised to use PHP version 5.6 or higher.

Will my WordPress website continue to work?

Yes, this change will keep your WordPress website working as normal. There is a good chance that your hosting supplier simply works with the PHP version 5.3 or higher. If your hosting supplier still works with a PHP version 5.2  then you will be in Pronamic iDEAL 4.4 as an administrator in the WordPress admin environment, you will see the following message:

Higher PHP version required for Pronamic iDEAL admin notice

If you see this message, it is wise to contact your hosting supplier. In Pronamic iDEAL version 4.5, which we will launch later this year, the Pronamic iDEAL plugin will no longer function with PHP 5.2. Your WordPress website itself will continue to function normally.

What if my hosting supplier still works with PHP 5.2?

All major hosting providers now work with PHP as standard 5.3 or higher. If you have placed your website with a hosting supplier that only works with PHP 5.2 then you can inquire whether they can update PHP to the latest stable and safe version:

A plugin I want to use on my WordPress website requires PHP 5.6. WordPress.org has on their requirements page also mentioned that PHP 5.6 the recommended PHP version is for WordPress. More information about this can also be found on the WPupdatePHP website. Can you please let me know if my hosting is PHP 5.6 supports and how can I use this version? Thank you.

If that is not possible, it is wise to switch to a hosting supplier that provides better support. On the WordPress.org hosting page contains some good suggestions. If you need help with this, you are always available Contact contact us. We are happy to help you!