Google Analytics 4 in Pronamic Pay

With the announcement of Google Analytics 4, we have looked at whether we can add support for this to the Pronamic Pay plugin. We have come to the conclusion that e-commerce tracking within Google Analytics 4 can go much further than just measuring successful payments. Therefore, we have decided not to develop support for Google Analytics 4. Mainly because this is more terrain for the e-commerce plugins to which the Pronamic Pay plugin connects. The MonsterInsights plugin has good integration for various extensions that we support. Another advantage of the MonsterInsights plugin is that they can measure other e-commerce promotions, such as:

  • Selecting items to buy from a list
  • View item details
  • Adding/removing products to a shopping cart
  • Start the checkout process
  • Make purchases or refunds
  • Applying promotions such as discount codes

Google Analytics 4 with WooCommerce

For Google Analytics 4 with WooCommerce, we recommend using the “WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration” plugin. Or if you use Google Tag Manager the “GTM4WP” plugin.

Google Analytics 4 with MemberPress

For Google Analytics 4 with MemberPress, we recommend using the MonsterInsights plugin. MemberPress has in the post “How to Use Google Analytics To Optimize Your Membership Site” more information about this.

Google Analytics 4 with Gravity Forms

For Google Analytics 4 with Gravity Forms, we recommend using the “Gravity Forms Google Analytics Add-On” plugin. Please note that this plugin does not (yet) support ecommerce tracking.