Free payment plugin for Contact Form 7 and Mollie

Pronamic Pay Mollie Contact Form 7

We are excited to have launched the free plugin 'Pronamic Pay with Mollie for Contact Form 7'! In this plugin we use the power of Pronamic Pay purely aimed at Mollie with Contact Form 7. With this we make it possible to receive payments via this popular forms plugin.

Mollie for Contact Form 7

It is very easy to link a Mollie account to Contact Form 7. All you have to do is save a Mollie API key within the website and set up your form. You can then use Mollie payment methods within your forms. Simple as that.

Payments with Contact Form 7

With 5+ million active installs, the Contact Form 7 plugin is probably the most used forms plugin for WordPress. Unlike plugins like Gravity Forms, this plugin is free to download. By default, you can only receive payments with this plugin through Stripe. The free version of our plugin Pronamic Pay with Mollie for Contact Form 7 changes that. It brings the powerful features of Pronamic Pay to Contact Form 7, especially for payment provider Mollie. You can pay with more than 10 different payment methods such as iDEAL and Bancontact, provide feedback to payment status pages and provide payment status updates via the Mollie webhooks and the WordPress REST API.

After installing the Mollie for Contact Form 7 plugin you will get additional tags and tag options:

  • pronamic_pay_issuer (tag)
  • pronamic_pay_method (tag)
  • pronamic_pay_description (option)
  • pronamic_pay_amount (option)
  • pronamic_pay_email (option)

With the 'issuer' and the 'method' tags you can add two fields to a form to give a choice of payment method and the bank to be used. With the 'amount', 'email' and 'description' tag options, you give a specific function to an existing field that is required to make a payment. This allows you to add all the necessary information for an online payment to your Contact Form 7 form.

Contact Form 7 editor

Some Contact Form 7 payment form examples

What can you do with Contact Form 7 and Mollie? For example, consider the following solutions.

Receive donations

Receiving donations online is widely used by charities and foundations. For these parties, paying for a plugin is often a 'barrier' that holds them back. Because the new payment plugin is offered free of charge, people can now receive donations at an affordable price. Unfortunately not completely free, because you have to pay Mollie's transaction costs. You pay per transaction and therefore only for what you use.

Donate with Mollie and Contact Form 7

Sell simple product

Do you want to sell one or more products? For example an e-book or another digital download? You can now arrange this with Contact Form 7. Set up a form with a 'product' field with an amount and the necessary contact details. The visitor can then fill in the form and pay. After which you can send the product.

Sell products with Mollie and Contact Form 7

Recurring Payments

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive recurring payments via Contact Form 7. If you want to use recurring payments with a form you can use the premium plugin Gravity Forms to use.

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