Dutch Payment Group (DPG) portfolio partly taken over by ICEPAY

Published at the end of last year Webshop Weblog a blog under the revealing title: “PSP Market under pressure: Who are the first losers?”. Payment provider PayCheckout responded with the blog “PSP market under pressure: who are the winners?”. Both parties expect that only the best betaalproviders will survive. With the takeover of the Dutch Payment Group by ICEPAY, there seems to be at least one player less.

Update March 2017: PayDutch pointed out to us that the Dutch Payment Group has not been taken over by ICEPAY. Only the “weDEAL” customer portfolio was sold to ICEPAY at the time. PayDutch has been running various new portfolios for some time now, including the “PayDutch Plus”, the “PayDutch Basis” and the “PayDutch Flex”.

At the beginning of this year, the Dutch Payment Group sent the following e-mail to their customers.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Important notice for your company Company Name of the website www.website.nl

ICEPAY took over the portfolio of the Dutch Payment Group (DPG) in 2014 and has been carrying out the associated online transactions ever since.

The transition phase was completed in December 2015 . From this date your transactions will be processed by ICEPAY both technically and financially.  This has brought an end to the use of the DPG weDEAL payment platform.

The following changes are important to you:

Stop PayDutch Manager. You can use the ICEPAY back office to view your transactions. The DPG Backoffice (PayDutch Manager) will remain active until 20-01-2015. You must take care of your archive yourself. After 20-01-2015 you can no longer use http://manager.paydutch.nl/paydutchmanager/

✓ Payment messages/ Assemble messages and VAT overviews. You will no longer receive transaction, payment or VAT statements from DPG.

✓ Transaction cost threshold amount. ICEPAY has already sent you an offer/ you are already using the ICEPAY rates. If you have any questions regarding your agreement, please contact ICEPAY.

✓ Manual transfers deviating transaction status. If a consumer has paid manually into the Derdengeld account or if a transaction status deviates, you should contact ICEPAY. ICEPAY owns the accounts and has facilitated the payment.

✓ Support questions and or banking malfunctions. For support, please contact ICEPAY. The DPG support and info addresses will be decommissioned (info@paydutch.com , info@wedeal.nl, merchantsupport@dutchpaymentgroup.com, info@dutchpaymentgroup.com)

For more information about this transition, please refer to ICEPAY:
– +31 20 700 99 90

You need your username and password to use the PayDutch Manager.
Your user name Re: user name your password you can leave it if you wish reset.

We wish you good luck in doing business online,

Dutch Payment Group BV
Maastrichterlaan 163
6291 EP Vaals

Chamber of Commerce: 50288644
VAT: 8226.59.128.B01

With this, ICEPAY seems to want to strengthen their position within the PSP market. And with the news that ICEPAY has raised 1 million euros in a financing round In my opinion, they are an interesting party to keep an eye on. Yet remains Webshop Weblog critical of ICEPAY's recent package and rate changes. I am therefore very curious what we can expect from ICEPAY this year.