Pronamic Pay 9.8

We are happy to announce the release of Pronamic Pay 9.8! This update brings a number of improvements, including support for a common card payment method, more control over gateway icons in WooCommerce, and improvements for mobile users. Let’s dive into the details of this release.

Support for general card payments

With Pronamic Pay 9.8 we add support for a general card payment method. This makes it even more flexible for store owners to offer different payment options to their customers. Several payment providers have also advised users to remove the terms “credit cards” and “debit cards” from payment pages. You can read more about this in the Dutch blog post “Verwijder de termen “creditcards” en “debitcards” op je betaalpagina” by colleague Remco.

Screenshot voor kaartbetalingen methode.
The WooCommerce payment methods settings in the WordPress admin dashboard with the “Pronamic Pay” card payment method.

Gateway icons in WooCommerce

We’ve added a new setting that allows administrators to choose how gateway icons are displayed in WooCommerce. You can now choose from a standard icon, a custom icon or no icon at all.

Screenshot van gateway-pictogrammen binnen WooCommerce
The “Pronamic Pay” card payment method with the new gateway icon settings.

Partnering with payment providers

We have been working successfully with payment provider Mollie for a long time. Through this collaboration, we have been able to make several free plugins for Mollie available in the plugin directory. Because we are convinced that we can achieve more by working together, we have investigated in recent months whether we can also intensify cooperation with other payment providers

Partnering with MultiSafepay

For example, we examined whether the current XML integration with MultiSafepay can be updated to the newer JSON API. Before we renew this integration, we want to gain insight in the current use in collaboration with MultiSafepay. That is why we are adding <plugin> information to the API requests to MultiSafepay in this release. This will give MultiSafepay more insight into the use of the “Pronamic Pay” plugin. Based on this, we will renew the integration in the future. And we may also make free plugins available that specifically target MultiSafepay.

Partnering with Rabo Smart Pay

We also have regular contact with Rabobank about our integration with their payment solutions: “Rabo Smart Pay” and “Rabo iDEAL Professional”. Together with the Rabobank team, we are looking at how we can further strengthen the collaboration. We have therefore advised Rabobank to provide insight into which payments are initiated via the “Pronamic Pay” plugin. Rabobank has now made adjustments to their “Rabo Smart Pay” platform to make this transparent. To this end, we have X-Api-User-Agent added a header to all “Rabo Smart Pay” API requests in this release . We hope to further strengthen the collaboration with Rabobank through more insight.

Rabo iDEAL (2.0) Professional ⭐️ Premium

In recent months, ‘the new iDEAL’ (also known as iDEAL 2.0) has been frequently in the news. The new iDEAL should make online ordering and payment even easier. iDEAL will also be expanded with a new payment page and a private iDEAL profile for users. With the data stored here, such as a delivery address, customers can complete their order or payment even faster.

Voorbeeld van de nieuwe iDEAL 2.0-betaalpagina.
An impression of what the new iDEAL payment page will look like.

All these developments also mean that certain integrations need to be renewed. For example, “Rabo iDEAL Professional” users have been notified that they must update their integration before June 1, 2024. The “Rabo iDEAL Professional” customers of Rabobank have received a personalized message from Rabobank (in Dutch):

iDEAL Professional

  • iDEAL op website ●●●●●● draait op Rabo iDEAL Professional.
    Belangrijke update iDEAL 2.0 voor 1 juni 2024.
  • Te onderzoeken mogelijkheden
    • Migreren naar iDEAL 2,0.
    • Migreren naar Rabo Smart Pay
The personalized message that Rabobank has sent to their “Rabo iDEAL Professional” customers.

We have good news for these customers, the “Pronamic Pay Premium” plugin is now equipped with support for this update.

Screenshot van Rabo iDEAL Professional - iDEAL 2.0 in Pronamic Pay Premium
The new iDEAL 2.0 integration settings for “Rabo iDEAL Professional” from Rabobank

Detect site address (URL) changes

The “Pronamic Pay” plugin has been equipped with a functionality that detects changes in the WordPress site address (URL) for some time now. When WordPress administrators change their site address (URL), this sometimes also requires action in the area of ​​the payment solution that is active on the site. However, detecting site address (URL) changes did not always go well. This often had to do with, for example, translation plugins that also tie into the site address (URL) functionality. This created conflicts that meant that site address (URL) changes could no longer be properly detected. In this release we have improved this detection system to reduce the chance of conflicts.

Screenshot van de melding van Pronamic Pay dat het Site adres is gewijzigd.
The warning that the “Pronamic Pay” plugin shows in the WordPress admin dashboard when a site address (URL) change is detected.

Mobile view

The display of some pages within the “Pronamic Pay” plugin are optimized for smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets. For example, the pages for renewing, canceling or changing a subscription now look better.

Screenshot van mobiel geoptimaliseerde pagina om abonnementbetalingen aan te passen.
The view of the page where customers can change the payment method for a subscription.

WooCommerce Subscriptions meta box

With all “Woo Subscriptions” subscriptions we show a ‘meta box’ in the sidebar containing the link to the “Pronamic Pay” subscription. This way, an administrator can quickly find all relevant information within the WordPress admin dashboard. Unfortunately, due to changes in Woo Subscriptions version 6.0, this meta box was no longer visible. This has been corrected in Pronamic Pay 9.8:

Screenshot van meta box in Woo Subscriptions voor abonnementinformatie uit Pronamic Pay.
The sidebar visible when editing/viewing a “Woo Subscriptions” subscription in the WordPress admin dashboard that also includes the “Pronamic Pay” meta box.

Upgrade to 9.8

We recommend all “Pronamic Pay” users to upgrade to version 9.8 as soon as possible to take advantage of these new features and improvements. If you encounter any problems during the upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact our support. We hope you are satisfied with Pronamic Pay 9.8! We continue to work hard on improving our plugin and adding new features. Stay tuned for future releases!