Pronamic Pay 9.7

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On February 8, 2024, we launched Pronamic Pay 9.7. In this update we have made improvements to the Mollie, Adyen, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce integration. WooCommerce and Mollie users will now see the Mollie component for entering card details with the credit card payment method. Adyen users are now using the latest Adyen API version again v71. And with Contact Form 7 it is possible to use checkboxes for the amount to be paid.

WooCommerce and Mollie card component

It’s been almost 3 years since that Mollie has introduced the “Mollie Components” functionality. With “Mollie Components” consumers can directly enter their credit card details at checkout on your website. This makes the payment process faster and more reliable. In Pronamic Pay 9.7 we have this WooCommerce support added.

Schermafbeelding van WooCommerce-afrekenpagina met 'kaart' betaaloptie.
WooCommerce checkout page with the “card” payment option and the Mollie card component.

Mollie has finished posted a number of examples of how the Mollie card component can be designed. These examples can be viewed on the following web page:

Adyen API v71: “Credit Card” → “Credit and Debit card”

According to Adyen you are no longer allowed to distinguish between card products. If, in addition to credit cards, you also accept debit cards (debit card, debit card or bank card in the Netherlands, bank card in Belgium), you must also indicate this as such on your checkout page. So if you offer a ‘credit card’ payment option and customers can also use their debit card with that option, you can no longer just call that payment option ‘credit card’.

If you accept both credit and debit cards, to be compliant, your checkout must have a cards section that refers to both debit and credit cards. You cannot present only a credit card section.


More information about this can be read on the “co-badged cards compliance” page of Ayden. From Adyen API version v71 Adyen has also changed this itself in their web drop-in component. In the screenshots below you can see that the label “Credit Card” was previously used and has now been renamed to “Credit and Debit card”:


Schermafbeelding van Adyen web drop-in met het label "Credit Card"
Adyen web drop-in labeled “Credit Card” for the update.


Schermafbeelding van Adyen web drop-in met het nieuwe label "Credit en Debit Card"
Adyen web drop-in labeled “Credit and Debit card” after the update.

Contact Form 7 checkboxes for amount to pay

The WordPress forms plugin “Contact Form 7” is and remains a very popular plugin with more than 5 million installations. In combination with Pronamic Pay, the forms of this plugin can also be transformed into payment forms. In Pronamic Pay 9.7 it is now also possible to use checkboxes for the amount to be paid. Inside “Contact Form 7” forms are built using form tags. To add a number field to a form, use the following form tag:

[number your-number]

To use this number field for the amount to be paid, use the tag option pronamic_pay_amount to be added:

[number your-number pronamic_pay_amount]

This way the Pronamic Pay plugin knows to consult this field for the amount to be paid. If there are multiple fields with the tag option pronamic_pay_amount the amounts will be added automatically. This now also works with checkboxes (checkbox):

[checkbox your-checkbox pronamic_pay_amount "Option 1|10" "Option 2|20" "Option 3|30"]

The above form tag is displayed to a visitor as “☐ Option 1 ☐ Option 2 ☐ Option 3”. If a visitor checks “Option 1” then €10 will be added to the total amount. If visitors check “Option 1” and “Option 2”, it will be €10 + €20 = €30, etc. This can be combined with other fields in unlimited ways.

Update to Pronamic Pay 9.7

The latest version of Pronamic Pay is now available. Do you want to use the latest developments within Pronamic Pay? Then update it via the WordPress plugin updates page. Not yet using Pronamic Pay? Then purchase a license.